The Colors of Summer: Mixing Cool and Warm Tones

Summer means bright sunny days spent next to cool blue waters, and brilliant pink and purple sunsets. As the days warm up outside, it’s a great idea to bring a little of the season into your home. Mixing the cool and warm tones of summer creates a fresh, sophisticated look in your decor.

coral and turquois small1. Framed Art Print, West Elm, $ 130 | 2. Turquoise Cushion Cover, H&M, $ 6 | 3. Coral Pillow, Target, $ 25

4. Striped Throw, Target, $ 25 | 5. Woven Basket, Urban Outfitters, $ 60 | 6. Framed Seascape, Urban Outfitters, $ 99

To make this look feel cohesive, find an inspiration piece like this colorful framed print. For a quick room update, lean artwork like this on a mantel or prominent piece of furniture so it’s the focal point of the area.

Once you have your inspiration piece displayed, work it into the rest of the space. The main color palette in the print consists of shades of coral and turquoise. Pull those into the rest of your decor with textiles, complementary artwork and accessories. A few colorful pillows on the couch and a vase on the coffee table filled with flowers goes a long way.

You can get any room in your home summer-ready in just an afternoon with this inspired color palette. Now you won’t have to get outside to enjoy summer’s brilliant hues.

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4 Ways to Warm Up Your Bathroom

Winter can be a brutal season of frigid air, icy water, and teeth-chattering numbness – none of which are conditions that should describe your bathroom.

Tile, marble and porcelain – some of the main components of lavatory design – aren’t exactly known for their warmth. But with a little rejiggering, a small installation or two, and maybe some minor renovations, any WC can become a cozy, well-heated respite. Here are four ways to warm up your bathroom and chase the chill away.

Heated flooring

A warm bathroom begins from the ground up – literally. A heated floor is one of the best ways to not only keep toes toasty, but also maintain an ideal temperature throughout the room. And it’s a luxurious selling point that adds overall value to a home.


Courtesy of Besch Design.

This level of human comfort doesn’t come without a few sacrifices, however. Installing radiant floor heating will require tearing up the floor to put down electric cables or hydronic tubing, so the best time to embark on the project is when you’re already making a change. But once installed, radiant floor heating is practically guaranteed to leave you, well, radiant.

In a small space like a bathroom, the electric route is usually ideal. Hydronic heating is pricier to install, and requires a boiler or hot water heater – a high initial cost that is worth it only if heating an entire house, which would be expensive to do electrically.

Towel warmer

Why face the cold, hard world the moment you turn off the shower? Towel warmers, also called heated towel racks, put an end to the abrupt shock and bitter disappointment of leaving the cozy sauna you created while sudsing up.

The fixtures themselves generally look like small ladders with heat-emitting rungs, and are often large enough to accommodate several towels or a robe.


Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

Adding a towel warmer to your bathroom can be as easy or complex as you’d like. Freestanding models can be plugged in, simple as that – and can pull double-duty in a mudroom or laundry room for drying wet coats or damp clothing.

For a more permanent solution, racks can be mounted to the wall or fixed to the floor. While electric models tap into a home’s electric system, a hydronic towel heater connects directly to the house’s plumbing.

A wide variety of models creates multiple style and functionality options. Do you want temperature control? A timer? How many rungs would you like? It’s all up to you.

Last but not least, a towel heater helps fight the mildew that loves your towel almost as much as you do.

Heated toilet seat

For decades, Japanese households have considered washlets – fancy heated toilet seats that have warm water sprays plus a variety of other functions – practically de rigueur, while America has dragged its feet.


Courtesy of FORMA Design.

Winter is the perfect time to end decades of misunderstanding and embrace the warm comfort of high-tech toilets. Not only are the seats toasty, but upon completion of business, a bidet-like function squirts warm water to clean one’s nether regions. Before leaving, the occupant is treated to a blast of (often temperature-adjustable) hot air, ensuring a dry bum that is ready to face even the coldest of days.

While those who appreciate the washlet tend to swear by it, the system may strike some as simply too much – or at least too much to explain to houseguests. In this case, simple heated toilet seats are also available.

Installing such a feature can be as easy as buying the seat, attaching it to the toilet, and plugging it in nearby, or as difficult as integrating an entire high-tech toilet with no attached power cords into your restroom. The price varies greatly, but the underlying satisfaction is generally constant.

Shower timer

One of winter’s most frigid experiences often occurs when least expected: in the shower. Being the last person to get ready in the morning can be a position of great risk, with the hot water subject to wane any moment. Using a shower timer, however, can keep a whole houseful of bathing beauties in line, and help prevent any painful teeth-chattering.


Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

From a simple showerproof hourglass that suctions to the side tile to a device that attaches to the showerhead and reduces, then shuts off water at a preset interval, limiting the time others spend using hot water ultimately results in fewer freezing-cold showers. Installing a more water-efficient showerhead also works.

In the end, all of these devices reduce water usage, to boot. It’s something both Mother Nature and the last person in the shower can be thankful for.

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Warm Up to Cozy Spaces

It’s funny how after the holidays, living in a Winter Wonderland becomes a whole lot less wonderful. Whether you’re enduring thunderstorms, snow, or gusts of wind, snuggling up at home near a crackling fire or in your personal reading nook is the ideal way to wait out the weather.

No matter your interior style, there’s always room to add a few cozy touches. Here are some favorite ways to warm up your home design to face the wintry days ahead.

Fireplaces: Light up the night (or day)

There might be nothing in the world as comforting as a beautifully decorated fireplace. While it’s typical to have these fixtures in the living room or even the dining room, consider the charm of having one in your own bedroom.

The soothing crackling of a fire is the perfect way to wind down at the end of the day, and with so many styles to choose from, you’re sure to find one that fits your interior style.


Courtesy of Mitch Wise Design, Inc.

Reading nooks: Bookworms’ paradise

Creating a little getaway within your own four walls is a fantastic way to warm up on a particularly cold day. A reading nook can inspire calm and creativity with a few simple furnishings and accessories.

Pair a fun patterned chair with an ottoman, and a unique side table to set your reading material on. Make sure you have sufficient lighting and a cozy throw blanket nearby for those days when you just want to curl up with a good book.


Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

Window seats: Room with a view

On your day off, there’s nothing quite like sipping a cup of coffee while enjoying a beautiful view. What better way to soak up your surroundings than with comfy window seating?

Traditionally found in older homes with Victorian style, window seating is versatile and complements most styles of design. If your home is modern, consider a bright white seating display with patterned pillows. If your look is more traditional, opt for textured seating in a timeless print.

Whatever your choice, you won’t regret spending time in this cozy spot.


Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

Area rugs: Keeping toes toasty

Hardwood floors are a luxury, but they can be painfully cold in the winter months. Help insulate your home with plush area rugs throughout the space for visual warmth and added coziness.

Rugs with texture like shag or a high pile offer extra comfort while walking around the house. Put one in each high-traffic area, as well as under your bed to ensure you wake up with warm feet.

Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

What are some of your favorite ways to add warmth to your home?


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Warm Up to Cozy Spaces was originally published on Southern Classic Realtors – Nivla Calcinore – Bringing You Home