Top Home Design Trends for 2016

Today, Zillow Digs announced the top home design trends for 2016, along with the three soon-to-be forgotten fads of 2015. Results were based on a survey of leading interior design experts and trending photos on Zillow Digs.

So what will be 2016’s hottest design trends? Check out the surprising results below.

2016’s top home design trends

1. Art deco-inspired patterns and shapes

art deco

Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

Art deco will make a bold new comeback in 2016. Look for the style’s trademark geometric patterns and honeycomb shapes to weave their way into everything from wallpaper to artwork, adding elegance and dimension to any space. Experts also predict gold statement lighting fixtures will become more popular.

2. Nubby wool rugs

Nubby wool or other natural fibers will be the go-to texture for 2016, especially for area rugs. Their neutral hues create the perfect indoor/outdoor vibe, while softening bolder colors and dramatic statement pieces.

3. Encaustic tiles


Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

These intricate patterned tiles get their coloring from different types of clay rather than glaze, and can be used to create a beautiful, natural-looking focal point. Expect to see encaustic tiles pop up in a variety of rooms throughout the house in 2016, including kitchen backsplashes, bathroom shower tiles, accent walls and even fireplace mantles.

4. Artisan accent pieces

Travel souvenirs, unique artisan pieces and flea market finds will take center stage in home design as more homeowners gravitate toward decorating with unique art pieces that tell a story. Look for a rise in partnerships between big box stores and global artisans to accommodate the increased demand for one-of-a-kind or handmade items.

3 fads to ditch from 2015

1. Mason jars

Mason Jar

Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

The mason jar trend is exhausted, and will finally make its exit in 2016. After using them to invoke a rustic chic feeling everywhere from wedding decor to restaurants, experts and homeowners alike are finally ready to move on.

2. Chalkboard paint


Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

Chalkboards smudge easily, and unless decorated with perfect handwriting, are usually not the best way to label household items. This trend is not built to last in 2016.

3. Burlap details


Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

Burlap is too harsh for indoor use, and is far overplayed for another year in the spotlight. Instead, homeowners will gravitate toward softer natural fibers that are more suitable for throw blankets, pillows and rugs.

Want to learn more about 2016’s hottest home design trends? Check out more photos of the top trends on Zillow Digs!


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5 Retro Decorating Trends That Deserve a Comeback

Some home decor looks are just too good to let go. The boldly colored kitchen cabinets of the ’50s are taking on a sophisticated modern look. The late ’80s country kitchen look is enjoying new life – minus the gingham frills and bonneted goose motif – in today’s farmhouse chic trend, and mid-century design has taken over the home furnishing offerings of retailers at every price point. Rattan furniture and velvet upholstery, both popular in the ’70s, are showing up in designer collections again.

Our pick for the decor trend  most deserving of a second chance? The brightly colored bathroom fixtures (and sometimes even matching tile) that became popular beginning in the 1930s, and evolved from cool pastels to the much-maligned avocado and harvest gold hues of the 1970s. We’re not seeing these offered new yet, but salvage stores are a great resource if you simply must have a mint green or bubble-gum pink sink for your bathroom renovation.

Photo from Zillow listing.

Here are some of the blast-from-the-past home decor looks designers are happy to have deja vu over.

’50s-style dens

We are loving the reemergence of the den or the basement as a gathering space. Instead of having family and friends centered around a 50-inch television in the living room, we’re seeing people move toward intimate areas like listening rooms for their favorite vinyls, or casual seating in the den with headphones and their iPads. This setup is more conducive for connecting and catching up, or simply taking time for one’s self – think wood paneling, updated and re-imagined bean bags in designer fabrics, and high-quality retro audio sound.

– Kerrie Kelly, Kerrie Kelly Design Lab

Photo by Brian Kellogg.

Macrame textile art

Macrame from the ’60s and ’70s, but with a whole new twist. I love the beautiful heavy knotted textile hangings as art, or the thin delicate hangings for room screens. [They can hold] hanging flower vases and even light fixtures. This time it’s all about texture with a Scandinavian vibe.

Susan M. Jamieson, ASID, Bridget Beari Designs, Inc.

Conversation pits

We want big living rooms with circular, sunken conversation pits. They need custom built-in sofas, space-age floating fireplaces hanging in the middle, and plush shag carpeting deep enough to swallow your foot. Give us this dedicated zone for hanging out with friends and family, a space that isn’t centered around a TV screen. Give us bold colors and wild graphic patterns on pillows. And, most importantly, give us a live-in housekeeper, because those shag carpets are a nightmare to keep clean.

– Chris Stout-Hazard, ROGER+CHRIS

Photo from Zillow listing.

The home design trend from the past I’d love to see make a comeback is the conversation pit. Our technology age has created a digital life and physical separation. The classic conversation pit promotes togetherness and community. The conversational pit arrangement organically encourages people to face each other with comfortable deep seating. It also can be an advantage in design strategy, with a flexibility to promote a stylish streamlined modern feel or a casual bohemian aesthetic. Inspiring our clients to ditch the television and engage with family and friends is part of our design practice, creating space as experience.

– Elena Frampton, Frampton Co.

Timelessly practical kitchen features

Two of our favorite features making a comeback lately are banquette seating and library ladders, especially in the kitchen. A lot of our projects are in the city, where space is at a premium. Banquette seating works great in a tight space, plus it creates additional storage opportunities under the bench. Same goes for the ladder: It’s all about space. If you don’t have to haul out a clunky ladder to access everything out of reach, you can double your kitchen’s storage capacity with cabinets or shelves that go all the way up to the ceiling.

– Jeff Pelletier,  Board & Vellum

Photo from Zillow listing.

Brass hardware and fixtures

Used in smaller doses like pull handles and faucets with a more sleek and modern shape, [brass hardware and fixtures] can really up your design game in a cool classy way. My favorite bathroom look right now is dark navy cabinets with Carrera marble quartz counters, oversized white sinks, and printed cement floor tile incorporated with brass pull handles and faucets.

– Christina El Moussa, HGTV’s “Flip or Flop” and SuccessPath

Photo from Zillow listing.

Top image from Zillow listing.


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6 Trends for Teen Bedrooms

Sometimes, children seem to be in a hurry to grow up—and in the blink of an eye it seems, your little bundle of joy has morphed into a teen, and they’ve outgrown their rooms quicker than you might realize. Still, while your teen may resemble more of a young adult on the outside, they’re still growing up, and need a space they can grow into, yet still be playful, while reflecting that they are indeed coming into their own.


Teen Bedroom


These trends will give them “room to grow.”

1. Big Beds

For many years, twin size has been the go-to size for beds for your teen. But if space allows, consider upgrading to a double or queen: A bonus is that it can double as a guest room.

2. Contemporary Lines and Style

Sleek lines in furniture pieces give a timelessness to a room, and mix well with antique and thrift pieces. They also will transition well into the next phase of college and adulthood.

3. Hangout Spots

Bean bags and window seats are cozy places to hang out with friends, read a book or game. Adding storage under the window seat is a bonus for keepsakes from younger years.

4. Neutrals With Pops of Color

Grey, in your choice of tones, works well with boys or girls, and you can accessorize with pops of your kid’s favorite colors in pillows,curtains and bedding. Navy is still popular with boys, and purple with girls, but they may prefer a more intense hue. Customize a wall with a giant poster, mural, or graphic paint lines, like a zig zag pattern or stripes. Or mount a collection on a wall to reflect your kid’s passion.

5. Open Desks

Table style desks allow kids to study with a friend, but also allows your growning teen to avoid banging up their knees.

6. Lots of Storage

Teens especially don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning their rooms, so pre-empt the argument: Give them plenty of bins and easy storage so they can stow stuff out of sight (and you can see the floor). Hooks on the backs of doors and inside closets make it easier to pick up clothes and hang up backpacks than wrestling with hangers. Use a storage ottomansfor a nightstand, or pair them at the end of the bed, or put a storage bench at the end of the bed for a “landing strip” for the day’s gear.


Do you need help with a home improvement project? Use our instant estimate tool to get a price in seconds and find certified professionals in your area. Get a price. Get a pro. Get it done.

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2017 Home Design Trends With Staying Power

At the end of last year, our Zillow Digs design experts identified a handful of home decor trends we could expect to see in 2017, from jewel tones to built-in home bars.

Now that we’re halfway through the year, we’ve asked top designers to share some of the other recent trends they believe have true staying power. Here are some of the looks they predict we’ll be seeing well into 2018.

Black window trim

“It’s the perfect way to accent large windows and doors. It actually allows you to see out the window more clearly, instead of the visual block of white mullions. When you can’t have those beautiful European iron doors, this is a great way to get the look. It also is very flexible in terms of style: farmhouse, Parisian modern, Tudor, or even classic contemporary.”

– Susan M. Jamieson, ASID, Bridget Beari Designs, Inc.

Photo from Zillow listing.

See the dreamy coastal getaway Susan designed. 

Simple lines, bold details

“We’re seeing homeowners gravitate more and more toward thoughtful simplification – think sleek navy blue cabinets, or flat-front kitchen cabinets paired with inconspicuous appliances. Balanced by eclectic tiling and statement windows, spaces in the duration of 2017 will feel neutral with a welcome kick of color or pattern.”

– Kerrie Kelly, Kerrie Kelly Design Lab

Photo courtesy of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab.

Check out Kerrie’s design for a Palm Beach-inspired retreat.

Sustainable design

“Trends that aren’t going away soon include going green with recycled materials, designing with refurbished vintage furniture, and maximizing the use of LED lighting. The ‘fast-fashion’ culture of the design world unfortunately lends itself to a lot of waste, which on an architectural and interior design scale is exponentially more harmful. We find the most sustainable approach to design is quality craftsmanship that results in long-lasting finishes and furnishings. Custom furnishings are made by local fabricators to cut down on shipping and support local businesses, vintage pieces are sourced to promote beautiful re-use of objects, and LED fixtures to reduce electrical load are preferred. We find the things that last beyond trend lifecycles are the quality pieces our clients end up not being able to live without. Our best advice for trends is to set them with things you love instead of following them with things you think you need.”

– Elena Frampton, Frampton Co.

Photo from Zillow listing.

See Elena’s sophisticated city apartment design.

Thoughtful storage placement

“A combination of open storage and drawers or cabinets create opportunities to display found or collected objects, while storing necessary functional items out of sight.”

– Sara Boulet Upton, Rowland+Broughton

Photo from Zillow listing.

Mix-and-match upholstered pieces

“The world of upholstery has recently seen a big shift, with more homeowners skipping matched sets for an eclectic mix of complementary pieces. Matched sets – where the sofa, love seat, and armchairs are all of the same style and color – can feel a little stuffy and generic. (Plus, a room full of identical furniture becomes a problem should your new puppy decide that your love seat is a chew toy.) Mixing together complementary pieces gives you so much more flexibility with layouts and styles. Want to bring in some bold color but worried you’ll get sick of an emerald green sofa? Use green on a love seat. Need a comfy hangout space but limited on square footage? Go with a deep, pillowy sofa and stick with more petite armchairs. This allows you to blend favorite styles from different manufacturers, accommodate the comfort preferences of everyone in the household, and stagger purchases so you aren’t stuck with buying an entire room of furniture all at once. As a rare home decor trend that is both stylish and practical, we hope this movement sticks around for years to come.”

– Chris Stout-Hazard, ROGER+CHRIS

Photo from Zillow listing.

Rustic modern design

“I think the rustic modern look will continue to be popular – a mixture of more rustic textures like reclaimed wood walls with some bling in lighting and wallpaper.”

– Christina El Moussa, HGTV’s “Flip or Flop” and SuccessPath

Photo from Zillow listing.

Read Christina’s tips for budgeting for home improvements.

Cocktail culture at home

Bar carts – and, when space permits, cocktail closets – are a trend that is here to stay. Specialty cocktails have become the norm on menus at restaurants all over the country as mixologists concoct savory drinks using unusual ingredients. Many homeowners want to bring the ‘cocktail experience’ into their own homes, and are doing so via stylish bar carts that are both functional and pretty.  They provide a great place to stage cocktails, complete with glasses, mixers, liquor, bar tools, and coasters, plus little decorative touches like flowers or pottery to complete the look. A beautifully appointed bar cart can take center stage in a room when a mirror or piece of art is hung above it or when the wall behind it is painted a dramatic color or covered in a grass cloth wallpaper.”

– Deidre Oliver,  Oliver Designs

Mid-century bar cart, West Elm, $ 350.

See more home design inspiration on Zillow Digs. 

Top image courtesy of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab


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10 Hyped Up Design Trends to Avoid

Replacing a purchase that turned out to be a fashion faux pas is much easier and less expensive than undoing a décor trend in your home. Following what’s in vogue for the interior and exterior of your home may not always be the best choice. You could be stuck with it for years. Tread lightly and think ahead when considering new crazes to include in your refurbishing.

We collected ten overrated design trends for you. Eight of them came from the experts at Realty Times. The Zakhar Team of real estate brokers in Mission Viejo, California, contributed the last two via their website.

1. Marble Counters

Although beautiful when new, marble requires extra maintenance to keep stains and scratches at bay.

Marble Kitchen


2. Stainless Steel Apron Front Sinks

This material is easily smudged and scratched plus requires extra cleaning besides just wiping the sink down after using it. Once a week you need to apply stainless steel cleaner or polish.

Stainless Steel Apron Front Sink


3. Wallpaper Overload

You may tire easily of a bold pattern or trendy color of paper on the walls. Unless you know you’ll love the look for years, think twice because removing it won’t be easy.

Gray Floral Wallpaper


4. Dark Wood Floors

Just like black suits and skirts, this shade of flooring picks up all the dirt, dog hair and lint.

Black Wood Floor


5. White Upholstered Furniture

Only the very rich, with live-in housekeepers should attempt this fad. Everyday people with children, dogs and even adults can spot or stain it without even trying.

White Couch


6. Pergolas

Cover your patio with a full-on roof instead if you’re looking for shelter from rain or intense sun. The narrow slats on a pergola let the outside elements in.

White Pergola


7. Rain Showerhead

A good one costs in the thousands of dollars, not including installation. It’s also difficult to rinse the shampoo out of your hair without the traditional stream force a regular showerhead provides.

Rain Showerhead


8. Eliminating the Tub

You’ll have no place to soak and drink wine by candlelight when you need to destress. Consider this step carefully, because removing the tub affects the saleability of your home.

Bathroom Shower Stall


9. Mirrored Furnishings

Reflective surfaces all around your home can be annoying and a chore to keep clean and spotless.

Mirrored Surfaces In Home


10. Brass Hardware

Swapping out your fixtures makes an affordable way to update a room, but brass changes color as it ages. And not evenly, either. Think about satin or brushed nickel instead if you want a change.

Brass Faucet


Do you need help with a home improvement project? Use our instant estimate tool to get a price in seconds and find certified professionals in your area. Get a price. Get a pro. Get it done.

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8 Hot Landscaping Trends for 2017

Just like home interiors, landscape design evolves with our lifestyles and the times. Here’s a look at eight trends that will be shaping your lawn, garden, and outdoor spaces this year.

Estate style scales down

Who says you need to have rolling acres to deck out your landscape with soaring hedges and climbing vines? Compact and dwarf versions of popular estate-style plants make this look accessible to container gardeners and condo-dwellers.

Photo courtesy of NALP/Philippe Nobile Photography

“Once upon a time, it was not unusual to see large properties defined by imposing stands of impressive shrubs and towering trees,” states a trend report from commercial nursery Monrovia. “As lot sizes shrink but the desire for this luxurious look grows, this classic estate style is being replicated for a smaller outdoor footprint, thanks to more scaled-down versions of beloved plants hitting the market in 2017.”

Gardens go glam

“After a decade of loading up on bulletproof, always-on Knock Out roses, succulents, and new varieties of hydrangeas with thicker, more heat-and-sun-tolerant leaves and flop-resistant stems, gardeners are adding glamorous plants to the mix, such as Itoh peonies and wisteria – even though they take work to maintain, have a short period of bloom and can be expensive,” notes the Monrovia report. “Even in places like California, where native plants and xeriscaping are buzzy, people are finding ways to slip in a few of these beauties, if only in a pot or two.”

Keiko (Adored) Itoh Peony. Photo courtesy of Monrovia

Hygge heads outside

The trendy Danish concept of creating an atmosphere of coziness is heading outdoors. People are using lighting to create dramatic or playful atmospheres, and tinkering with fountains to set their own soundscape.

“For those with small properties and neighbors nearby, they can create a pleasant noise that drowns out the neighbors’ activity,” explains Missy Henriksen, vice president of public affairs for the National Association of Landscape Professionals.

Seating spaces, too, are looking cozier lately. Many prefer “a little place to curl up with a book,” Henriksen says – or a seating area for two, where conversations can take place.

Photo from ShutterStock

Hydrangeas rule

“If you look at flowers that are having an Instagram moment, you’d have to put hydrangeas right at the top of the list,” Monrovia’s blog reports. “Not only are they perfect for filling foundations and dressing up front yard picket fences, they make colorful low borders in front of tall garden beds and look just as pretty planted in a large pot.”

Seaside Serenade Cape Cod Hydrangea. Photo courtesy of Monrovia

Yards go greener

For years, yards were defined by their vibrant pops of color, but homeowners are moving away from that, says Henriksen. Today, layering a variety of plants in shades of green for visual impact is more in vogue.

Photo courtesy of Monrovia

“I think it’s a different way to enjoy landscaping, not to suggest that color isn’t so important,” she says. “Before, people may have really been drawn immediately to color.”

Now homeowners enjoy bringing different green plants together. “Some have heavy leaf structures, some are more delicate”- even the planting of fillers looks dramatic, Henriksen adds.

Gardens reach for the sky

“We’re really seeing people begin to take their landscapes up,” says Henriksen, noting the recent popularity of vertical gardens or green living walls. A natural conversation starter, they can work on any scale, indoors or out.

Photo from ShutterStock

Before putting up the walls, be sure to consider your irrigation options. And remember there’s no set rule for designing your wall: Plants can be homogenous or arranged in patterns, Henriksen says.

Natural is in

“Meadow-filled, slightly wilder gardens are losing popularity, as are landscapes dominated by hard textures, right angles, Cor-Ten steel edging, and sheared-to-a-knife-point formal garden borders and hedges,” states the Monrovia trend report. “In their place, use of natural elements such as rocks, boulders, and beautifully untouched hedges impose a more integrated sense of structure are on the rise.”

Photo courtesy of Willamette Landscape Services/Claremont Greens HOA

Sustainability is key

A beautiful yard isn’t just for homeowners’ enjoyment, but also the environment’s benefit. Flowers that are attractive to pollinators like birds and bees are becoming more popular, and landscape designers are encouraging homeowners to use native plants, which pollinators naturally seek.

Chocolate Chip Carpet Bugle. Photo courtesy of Monrovia

Smart irrigation systems, which shift homeowners away from a watering schedule to when plants really need it, are also on trend. “Smart systems can really take the guesswork out of whether it’s time to water,” says Henriksen.

Looking for more landscape design ideas? Check out Zillow Digs for inspiration.


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8 Hot Landscaping Trends for 2017 was originally published on Southern Classic Realtors – Nivla Calcinore – Bringing You Home

Top Outdoor Patio Trends for 2015

Today, Zillow Digs announced the top outdoor patio trends for 2015, and three fads to ditch from last summer. The results were published in the Summer 2015 Zillow Digs Home Trend Forecast, a one-of-a-kind report that combines data from a survey of leading interior design experts and an analysis of the most popular photos on Zillow Digs.

So what are this season’s hottest trends? Check out the surprising results below!

Top outdoor patio trends for summer 2015

1. Lime green accent colors

1. Lime Green

Source: Urban West

Lime green will be the most popular accent color for summer 2015. Expect to see this fresh, natural hue manifest in a variety of materials and textures — from throw pillows and vases to outdoor umbrellas.

2. Vertical gardens

Low-maintenance plants and succulents will be very popular this season, especially in regions that have water shortages and drought. Vertical or wall gardens offer a sophisticated home for succulents, herbs and other low-maintenance plants, and will be one of this season’s biggest outdoor patio trends, especially in condo and apartment decks where floor space is limited.

3. Hurricane candles


Source: hayneedle

Source: hayneedle

Hurricane candles are this season’s most popular outdoor lighting solution, and will be equally prevalent among budget and luxury spaces. When grouped together on tables or lined up along the patio floor, hurricane candles are romantic and create a wonderful ambiance that can be enjoyed on any budget.

Three fads to replace

1. Tuscan colors

1. Tuscan Colors

Source: Zillow Digs

“Khakis or yellow-based neutrals are out, as well as anything muddy or Tuscan-inspired,” says Zillow Digs designer Marc Thee of Marc Michaels Interiors. While these muted hues can bring warmth in moderation, they feel heavy and out of place in outdoor spaces, and don’t reflect this season’s fresh, streamlined aesthetic.

2. Shabby chic furniture

2. Shabby Chic

Source: Zillow Digs

Intricate, shabby chic patio sets will fade away, as summer 2015 is all about simplicity and clean lines. Detailed wrought iron patio sets will be replaced with sleek outdoor sofas and loveseats adorned with pillows and throws in this summer’s hottest citrus colors.

3. Excessive patterns

3. Patterns

Source: Zillow Digs

“People grow tired of busy patterns, so keep them to a minimum,” says Thee. Instead, add interest and texture with natural greenery and pops of citrus colors. Look for more solid color choices on pillows and throw blankets this summer.

Want to try these trends out in your own backyard or patio? Zillow Digs and are teaming up to give one person a $ 5,000 shopping spree to to create their own outdoor oasis. Enter now for your chance to win.


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8 Fall 2015 Color Trends To Try NOW!

Autumn’s explosion of color serves as Mother Nature’s dramatic conclusion to the growing season. It’s akin to the grand finale of a fireworks show — a fleeting, bursting display that sets the landscape ablaze in saturated shades of reds and ambers. But unlike the pyrotechnics variety, this fiery spectacle is one you’ll actually want to bring indoors.

But how? You could simply plop a pumpkin on a shelf and call it a day (and hey, if that’s your style, go right ahead). Or you can take a cue from the fall foliage in popular leaf-peeping locations (just look at these mountain homes for sale in Asheville, NC) and think beyond the gourd by inviting the changing seasons to influence your home’s overall vibe, from appearance and ambiance to aroma.

Read on as four design industry experts with a combined 55 years in the biz share their favorite fall decor tips and tricks. Spoiler alert: Color can make an impact without a lot of commitment.

fall decor in dining room

1. Know your palette

Put down those paint swatches: Assembling an autumn palette is as easy as looking outside. (After all, fall decorating is all about bringing the outdoors in.) Take a cue from nature and think along the lines of rich plums, rusty reds, golden ambers, buttery yellows, and chocolaty browns — all colors you’re sure to spot among the changing leaves and on the forest floor.

2. Don’t be afraid to experiment

Consider throwing a curveball color (or two) into the mix. “Blue is an incredibly versatile color,” say Kathy Piccari and Taryn Rager, design partners at Harris & Tweed Interiors. “We are obsessed with Benjamin Moore’s Wythe Blue this season.”

Purple, in both jewel tones and pastels, is the nontraditional autumn color of choice of Amy Cuker, owner and creative director of down2earth Interior Design, and Bruce Norman Long, owner and head designer of the eponymous Bruce Norman Long Interior Design.

Want to stray even farther from the norm? Opt for a more contemporary, monochromatic color scheme of whites and creams: picture a vignette of white pumpkins, preserved cotton stems, and natural birch branches.

3. Accentuate and accessorize

Good news for the color-wary: The most foolproof way to incorporate fall colors into your home is through accents that can easily be swapped out with the seasons: throw blankets, pillows, rugs, vases, frames, heirlooms, and the like. Not only do they require little commitment, but accent pieces also help keep you within the boundaries of the 60-30-10 color principle, a common design “rule” stating that accent colors should account for no more than 10% of a space’s overall color scheme.

fall decor in home office

4. Contemplate and curate

Do your best to resist the allure of the knickknack. Instead, make a statement with a few thoughtful vignettes or a centerpiece: Keep things simple by editing your displays to include only the objects that truly bring you joy.

That’s not to dissuade you from making more drastic changes to your home once the leaves start to drop. In fact, quite a few “fall” paint colors have appeal that transcends the seasons. An energetic and inviting orange, Navel by Sherwin-Williams can provide an instant pick-me-up to a tired front door, notes Cuker, while Long lists Benjamin Moore’s Tapestry Beige (a warm neutral), Clinton Brown (a rich, chocolate brown), and Million Dollar Red (a striking cherry red) as his favorite fall paint colors for interiors.

5. Repurpose and reuse

The pros agree: In terms of decorating, fall lends itself to repurposing. Pulled from storage, a knotty wooden cutting board or tray can provide a fitting foundation for a seasonal display of gourds, candles, and flowers in vases. A stunning centerpiece or mantel display can be created using foraged items from your own backyard (or fridge!): a hurricane vase filled with acorns, cranberries, or apples; a swag constructed from dried wheat or herbs; or perhaps a vaseful of tree branches, crimson leaves still attached.

Suspended horizontally across a wall, a length of string can serve as a dedicated space for seasonal greeting cards, photos, and children’s artwork, adds Cuker. Use clothespins to showcase seasonal school projects, brightly hued leaves, snapshots from last weekend’s hayride, and other timely tokens.

fall decor in living room

6. Add texture and layers

If you’re reaching for a cardigan, so, too, should your home: “A cashmere throw draped on sofa backs or on a club chair is like putting a visual sweater on your living room,” says Long. Fall accent pieces, particularly throws and pillows, should contribute to the season’s warm, cozy vibe, as well as impart an element of texture. Think heavier-weight, sumptuous fabrics such as velvet, tweed, wool, faux fur, flannels, and chunky sweater knits.

Create a layered look by adding an area rug in a natural fiber, such as jute, and generously scatter pillows and blankets among seating areas.

7. Let there be light

Let’s get real: Shorter days and plummeting temperatures can really put a damper on a good mood. The aforementioned snuggly blankets and pillows can combat cold hands and toes, but they won’t do much to help extend the daylight hours. The solution? Add a few extra table lamps throughout your space, swapping your light bulbs for those with a warmer color hue.

Amy Cuker also recommends experimenting with things that sparkle and shine — namely, string lights, which she says have evolved way beyond the holidays. Use them to brighten both gloomy moods and dim corners.

A trendier remedy for the seasonal blues: light-reflecting metallics, particularly in warm, autumnal tones of brass and copper, note our pros. Keep your eyes peeled for objets d’art, catchall dishes, bookends, candlesticks, light fixtures, and other smalls that have received the Midas touch.

8. Spice it up

With fragrance, that is. “Handmade candles and potpourri are our go-to DIY projects for the fall,” say Kathy Piccari and Taryn Rager. Imbue your home with the smells of the season — cinnamon, pumpkins, apples, and oranges — by parking a pot of homemade potpourri on the stove, or preserve and display fall foliage by dipping leaves into melted, fragranced wax. Both methods are favored by the designing duo.

Of course, you can always go the easy route and take a match to a few scented candles. Bruce Norman Long recommends candles from the Parisian perfume and body care company Diptyque. Combine fragranced candles with unscented varieties to avoid overpowering a room.

How do you add a dash of fall to your home’s decor? Let us know in the comments below!

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3 Must-Have Organization Trends for Fall

Just in time for back-to-school, Zillow Digs announced the top three closet organization trends for fall 2015 – and the three biggest fads to ditch. The results were published today in the Zillow Digs Home Trend Forecast, a one-of-a-kind report based on a survey of leading interior designers and an analysis of the most popular photos on Zillow Digs.

Looking to get organized this fall? Check out the season’s biggest closet trends below.

Top closet trends for 2015

  1. Transparent storage materials. Transparent storage materials such as frosted doors and see-through drawers will gain popularity among homeowners and in big-box stores this year. “Closets, especially bedroom closets, are becoming more like clothing exhibitions to display purchases more as collections, making transparent materials key,” says Nina Magon, Zillow Digs designer and principal of Contour Interior Design.

    Transparent Materials

    Courtesy of The Container Store

  1. Split or his-and-hers finishes. Split closets with contrasting finishes and color palates will become all the rage, especially in bedrooms. Expect to see a rise in warm white paint tones and metallic accents contrasted with dark wood or leather finishes for a clean, but personalized, look.

  1. Spotlight lighting. Predicted to become the go-to closet lighting solution this year, directed lighting or spotlights are both functional and stylish. Spotlights also help create the boutique-like ambiance that so many homeowners are gravitating to in their closet spaces.


    Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

Three fads to replace

  1. Behind-door storage. Hiding everything behind a small closed door is a thing of the past. Expect to see homeowners experimenting with large sliding doors and curtains, or even expanding closets into a larger space to better showcase and find their favorite items.
  1. Basic setups. Homeowners will want to go beyond the “closet in a box” arrangement and add their own custom touches or creative flair to organization spaces. Designers anticipate wire racking mixed with woven baskets or custom wood finishes to grow in popularity this year.
  1. Dark closets. Closets with minimal lighting or heavy doors that keep natural light out are quickly headed out of style. With the rise of transparent materials, homeowners will want an accessible closet where they can easily find belongings and enjoy how they’re displayed.

Need help getting organized this season? You’re in luck! Zillow Digs and The Container Store are teaming up to give one lucky winner a $ 5,000 shopping spree at The Container Store, as well as a consultation with a closet organizer. Enter now for your chance to win!

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3 Must-Have Organization Trends for Fall was originally published on Southern Classic Realtors – Nivla Calcinore – Bringing You Home

Lighting Trends Throughout the Home

It’s easy in interiors to focus on one-of-a-kind artwork or a standout fabric in a room. We sometimes forget that lighting is just as important in a space — if not more.

The technological and creative developments of recent years have made the way we use light a talking point for interior designers and DIY-ers alike. Here’s a look at favorite lighting trends among both groups.

Kitchen: all around the globe

Because of its incredible ability to transform every room, the globe light is a popular lighting choice. Whether a pendant or a chandelier, its circular shape can lend a soft, feminine vibe or an edgy, industrial tone.

Big or small, globes are great decor for the kitchen, especially when hung over bars or tables for a fancy focal point. If your style is more traditional, opt for an orb with a shade for soft texture. Is modern more your thing? Take a sleek approach and cluster several globe pendants of varying sizes and lengths for an interesting installation.


Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

Bedroom: totally tripod

The tripod is a fun take on your run-of-the-mill floor lamp. With a bit more pizzazz, the tripod floor lamp has a wide base, a slim body that comes to a point, and usually a large shade up top.

This style is great in reading nooks or perched next to the bed. Because of their big bodies and ornate features, these lamps work well in those areas that you just don’t know quite what to do with.

Courtesy of Nina Interior

Courtesy of Nina Interior.

Living room: over-arched and under-used

Floor lamps had fallen out of favor in recent years, but thanks to the over-arched style, they’ve made a cozy comeback. Best in the living room or den, these bendy and broad lamps act as a cool substitute for your average shade perched on the side table.

Often in cool metallic tones, these lights come in different sizes and lengths, so it’s easy to find one that fits your style. Be careful to measure the height and length accurately, though, otherwise you might knock your noggin on its solo shade.

living room

Courtesy of Chris Barrett.

Guest bedroom: stellar statement

Although the guest bedroom is secondary to your master suite, that doesn’t mean it deserves any less attention in the lighting department. If you don’t want to shell out for tons of decorative art, designer bedding, or a sitting area, add style with a bold statement light fixture.

Decorative lighting comes in all shapes and sizes, and blends with almost all decor. The bigger and more interesting, the better.

guest room

Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

Bathroom: task-oriented

Because it is often where you start and end your day, the bathroom is an important room to consider when choosing lighting. We all know too well the burden of putting on makeup in ill-lit rooms, or trying to shave with shadows all over the place.

The best solution for this lighting conundrum is task lighting. Task lighting is any soft light that offers shadow-free illumination, often emitting a glow only a few feet in front of the fixture.

Pick a few sconces that tie with your space’s interior design, and place them at eye-level next to the mirror so you get the best lighting morning, noon, and night. Pair with accent lighting and recessed lighting for a truly illuminated lavatory.


Courtesy of Pottery Barn.

If you’re looking to update your space or are in the market for a whole new look throughout your home, make sure you take note of the type of lighting you’ll need for each room and the decor you already have.

It’s simple to create a seamless look with this season’s lighting trends. Which is your favorite?

See more home design inspiration.


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Lighting Trends Throughout the Home was originally published on Southern Classic Realtors – Nivla Calcinore – Bringing You Home