The Colors of Summer: Mixing Cool and Warm Tones

Summer means bright sunny days spent next to cool blue waters, and brilliant pink and purple sunsets. As the days warm up outside, it’s a great idea to bring a little of the season into your home. Mixing the cool and warm tones of summer creates a fresh, sophisticated look in your decor.

coral and turquois small1. Framed Art Print, West Elm, $ 130 | 2. Turquoise Cushion Cover, H&M, $ 6 | 3. Coral Pillow, Target, $ 25

4. Striped Throw, Target, $ 25 | 5. Woven Basket, Urban Outfitters, $ 60 | 6. Framed Seascape, Urban Outfitters, $ 99

To make this look feel cohesive, find an inspiration piece like this colorful framed print. For a quick room update, lean artwork like this on a mantel or prominent piece of furniture so it’s the focal point of the area.

Once you have your inspiration piece displayed, work it into the rest of the space. The main color palette in the print consists of shades of coral and turquoise. Pull those into the rest of your decor with textiles, complementary artwork and accessories. A few colorful pillows on the couch and a vase on the coffee table filled with flowers goes a long way.

You can get any room in your home summer-ready in just an afternoon with this inspired color palette. Now you won’t have to get outside to enjoy summer’s brilliant hues.

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The Colors of Summer: Mixing Cool and Warm Tones was originally published on Southern Classic Realtors – Nivla Calcinore – Bringing You Home


Mixing 21st-Century Modern and Rustic Decor

Modern design and rustic elements may seem to be polar opposites in home design, but when properly paired, they’re completely complementary and on-trend. Rough-hewn details pair perfectly with ultra-modern architecture to create the perfect balance between contemporary and reclaimed.

Emphasizing 21st-century charm, the following tips will help you pair these two styles to create a blend of cozy and contemporary design.

Rely on rustic statement pieces

To begin the look, start with a rustic statement piece, like a dining table made from distressed wood, or a reclaimed console or bench for your entryway. If you can’t find a table or bench you like, consider a lighting fixture with a rugged ambiance or a side table made from hide or cork.

Statement pieces also include elements like hide rugs, teak chairs, and wooden table lamps. These pieces are easy to modernize with the right accessories, making them the perfect anchor for this look.


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Balance with modern design

Once you’ve selected a rustic statement piece, it’s time to complement the look with a modern staple. If you’ve chosen a distressed dining table, opt for chairs with sleek lines and retro curves. Keep the color palette earthy and clean with shades of brown, gray, and white.

Next, outfit the other rustic elements in your home with contemporary dressings like a mid-century inspired sofa, a plush ottoman, or streamlined pendant lights.


Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

Get the best of both with blended styles

To streamline creating a modern-rustic styled room, search for pieces that represent both designs. Transitional accent pieces are key to bringing the two styles together and creating a cozy cohesiveness.

A polished mounted deer head and a contemporary chair design covered in a luxe pelt are two great examples of transitional style incorporating modern motifs and rustic charm. Mixed finishes like glass and wood are also great solutions for bringing this look full circle.

Adding a few succulents and other green elements also brings lightness to the space, perfectly blending the modern and rustic designs.


Courtesy of Zillow Digs.


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Mixing 21st-Century Modern and Rustic Decor was originally published on Southern Classic Realtors – Nivla Calcinore – Bringing You Home