Found on Trulia: A Newport Carriage House That Breaks All The Rules

Want to deck the halls like a captain of industry? Steer your one-horse open sleigh in the direction of the Bellevue Avenue Historic District in Newport, RI. Because as soon as Thanksgiving nears, the Newport Mansions — three historic (and absolutely humongous) preserved homes that originally served as the summer residences of the Vanderbilts and coal titan Julius Berwind — pile on the poinsettias and string lights for an annual Christmas open house that’s straight out of America’s Gilded Age.

But not every home within this preservation society–ruled district is a 19th-century time capsule. To wit: the internationally recognized Swanhurst Carriage House, an 1850s home whose playful convergence of historic charm and modern whimsy will deliver a different kind of holiday magic this season. Just imagine the conversations that could be had over a holiday meal in that magenta dining room! That is, if it remains in the company of other homes for sale in Newport, RI. It’s currently listed for $ 3.9 million.

Swanhurst Carriage House Pink room

Lucite in a 19th-century home? You bet. In the wallpapered formal dining room, armless ghost chairs are anchored by an oval rug in an unexpected shade of magenta. The chairs surround a Lucite dining table perched upon gold pedestals.

Swanhurst Carriage House

At 4,550 square feet, the Swanhurst Carriage House can’t compete with its famous neighbors in terms of size (The Breakers, for example, one of the Vanderbilt mansions, measures in at close to 140,000 square feet), but the home packs a serious punch in terms of style. In fact, it’s been featured in a number of international design publications.

Swanhurst Carriage House

The carriage house, which was built in 1851 and sits upon a 0.58-acre lot, is renowned for its unique blend of historic charm and cheeky, modern decor. As evidenced by the home’s entryway, this quirky, signature style wastes no time with introductions.

Swanhurst Carriage House Living Room

The home’s one-of-a-kind interior is defined by playful graphics (provided mostly via wallpaper), dramatic lighting fixtures, a profusion of velvet, and a hodgepodge of furnishing styles. The bold use of color — including white — factors prominently into the design scheme.

Swanhurst Carriage House Conservatory

In the new-construction conservatory, a striking aqua chandelier mirrors the color of twin sofas below. Note the use of symmetry in the space, as well as within the adjacent living room.

Swanhurst Carriage House Kitchen

Once again in the kitchen, unexpected pops of color and contemporary lighting fixtures create a look that’s both fresh and modern. Here, an all-white kitchen becomes chic and glamorous with the addition of two aqua decanters that point toward tulip-shaped pendant lights above.

Swanhurst Carriage House

In the den, which is sandwiched between the kitchen and the formal living room, coffering crawls from the ceiling all the way down to the marble floors. A Lucite coffee table prevents the cozy space from feeling crowded.

Swanhurst Carriage House

Against a backdrop of whimsical wallpaper, an antler-inspired chandelier drops from an ornate ceiling medallion to illuminate the Imperial staircase just below. The chandelier, as well as the lighted tray ceiling, mimics the decorative elements employed in the formal living room.

Swanhurst Carriage House

A brass Sputnik chandelier draws attention to the tall ceilings within the master bedroom. Subtle signs of an Asian design theme are perceptible here: the curvature of the upholstered velvet headboard, the ornamental room divider leaning against the wall, and the floral print of the armchair’s lumbar pillow.

Swanhurst Carriage House

A skylight allows the sun’s rays to flood the master bathroom, generously sized at 12 by 17 feet.

Swanhurst Carriage House

Crisp white sheets and unadorned walls allow the upholstered bed’s coral color to take center stage in the home’s second of three bedrooms (the property also offers a one-bedroom, detached guesthouse). The color’s only competition is a structural Mid-Century brass chandelier.

Swanhurst Carriage House

Silver pouf seating provides a posh perch when playing with the dollhouse in the third bedroom. As a whole, the youthful space — with its crystal chandelier, lily-pad wallpaper, and velvet-tufted bed — is decidedly girly, yet there’s not a hint of pink in sight.

Swanhurst Carriage House

The second and third bedrooms share access to this well-appointed bathroom, in which tulips sprout from a porcelain sink that interrupts a green marble countertop.

Swanhurst Carriage House

Rising from pebbled beds, trees line the walking path that leads straight from the kitchen to the detached, two-story guesthouse.

Swanhurst Carriage House

Winged creatures flutter about botanically inspired wallpaper in the guesthouse’s first-floor living area. A bathroom and sunroom are located on the same level.

Swanhurst Carriage House

Bold in terms of both pattern and color, graphic wallpaper decorates the guesthouse’s second-floor bedroom, which measures in at a roomy 23 by 23 feet. Antler-inspired candelabras — the same ones used in the living room — flank the four-post bed, while on the opposite side of the room, a plush window seat overlooks the grounds.

Swanhurst carraige house

Three French doors open from the conservatory to a tiled outdoor patio. From there, three steps lead up to the home’s crowning jewel: its sparkling pool, which is bordered by landscaped gardens and a tiered fountain at one end.

Check out the image gallery and real estate listing for this home: 447 Bellevue Ave, Newport, RI 02840. (Find other homes for sale in Newport, RI.)

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Found On Trulia: Sinners And Saints Built This Annapolis Estate

Picture this: It’s the Roaring ’20s. An industrialist from Baltimore, MD, is looking for the perfect spot for his new home base, and he has some very specific requirements. Because although his business in the steel industry is legit, he also has a secret — he’s running guns and selling illegal liquor on the side.

Then he finds a piece of land in Annapolis, MD, along the Severn River, secluded and expansive, with daring views of the United States Naval Academy. The industrialist builds his massive estate on the site — including a secret underground vault that connects to a tunnel leading from the home to the river.

That’s the truth-is-wilder-than-fiction behind the construction of this luxurious $ 28.8 million estate for sale in Annapolis, MD. But that’s not the end of the story.

Annapolis real estate

The 26,000-square-foot home sits on 23 acres along the Severn River, just 40 minutes from Washington, DC. It’s been renovated many times over the last 80 years, but its private location is what attracted the original owner — and, years later, the Catholic Church, which turned it into a Capuchin friary, and finally its current owners, who made it an expansive yet cozy family home.

Annapolis Real Estate

One big clue to the estate’s illicit past? That secret vault. “Supposedly, it was a tunnel that went all the way from under the house down to the river. We don’t know if it still goes down that far, but you can still get into the vault through the billiards room,” says listing agent David DeSantis, partner and managing broker, TTR Sotheby’s International Realty in Washington, DC.

But the billiards room no longer looks the way it did when the vault was built; it has since been paneled with hand-carved teak. “The entire room was hand-carved in Southeast Asia,” says DeSantis. “The ceiling, the walls, everything. It was measured to specifications, shipped to Annapolis, and then rebuilt in the house.”

Annapolis Real Estate

While we’d love to know what gems could’ve been tucked away in this wine cellar in the 1920s, chances are slim that any original items would’ve made it through the home’s many extensive renovations. “[The home] was pretty much uninhabitable when the current owners bought it,” explains DeSantis. “There were raccoons living in it.”

Annapolis Home for sale

Saved from its sinful origins, the home was eventually purchased by the Catholic Church and converted into a friary. The vaulted ceilings in the ballroom (it once served as the chapel) are some of the last remnants of its religious past. According to DeSantis, about 25 to 30 friars lived here, sleeping in a dormitory that was torn down to build the home’s more recent spa wing, added by the current owners.

Annapolis Real Estate

The current owners, who are in the seafood business, restored the estate, adding contemporary updates — including this cheerful commercial-sized gourmet kitchen. Although the home has been for sale for a few years as a private listing, the owners aren’t in a hurry to sell. (We can see why!) Buyers today might benefit from those days on the market; it was originally listed at $ 32 million, now down to $ 28 million.

Annapolis Real Estate

Rich wood paneling and comfortable furniture with antique accents, seen here in a trunk-turned-coffee-table and Windsor rocking chair, keep formal spaces casual. “[The owners] have been fishermen for several generations,” says DeSantis. “It was very important to them not only to restore the house to the grandeur that it once had, but [also] to reflect their sensibilities and be a house that was comfortable for them.”

Annapolis Real Estate

Instead of the massive friars’ dormitory, the home now has a more manageable seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms — including this light-filled room with paneled walls. In this bedroom, Old World meets New, with elegant drapery around the Colonial-style, four-poster bed frame and rich oil paintings that frame the entrance to an adjacent sitting room.

Annapolis Real Estate

This wood-paneled sitting room is a spot for quiet contemplation — and cozying up by the fire with a good book. (Or perhaps writing one about the colorful history behind this piece of Annapolis real estate?)

Annapolis Real Estate

The current owners replaced the dorm with a spa wing, which includes an indoor pool and elaborate baths. According to DeSantis, since the owners frequently travel to Asia for work, their travels inspired them to add Asian influences throughout their decor — like the dragon candlesticks in this shower.

Annapolis Real Estate Home With Pool

The Asian influence carries over throughout the spa wing, where a teaching Buddha statue, symbolizing the union of teaching and method, overlooks the indoor pool and spa.

Annapolis Real Estate Home With Pool

The back of the home overlooks a 60-foot infinity edge pool lined with chairs. To the left, a covered pool pavilion with an outdoor fireplace offers a sheltered place to relax.

Annapolis Real Estate Home With Pool

This room, called the Zen room, is part of the guest wing. The large, circular windows let in light and offer views of swimmers in the outdoor pool. “A lot of times when you go in very expensive homes, they have that feeling like a museum — where you’re uncomfortable touching anything,” says DeSantis. “This home doesn’t feel like that.”

Annapolis Real Estate Waterfront Home

Of course, no self-respecting gunrunner would be able to transport goods without a private dock. The home now boasts a private, six-slip dock with a boatlift — and 2,000 feet of riverfront.

Annapolis Real Estate Teahouse

The current owners built the charming teahouse, a relaxing spot to enjoy a pot of Sencha — the tea that a guest is most likely to be served when visiting a Japanese home. The property also includes a conservatory, game room, catering kitchen, workshop, nine-car garage, roof garden, and tennis court.

Check out the image gallery and real estate listing for this home: 1600 Winchester Road, Annapolis, MD. (Find other homes for sale in Annapolis.)

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Found On Trulia: A Gothic Revival Castle In Charlotte County, VA

It’s common knowledge that to reach the storybook version of “happily ever after,” you have to derail the malevolent plot of a scheming witch, rescue a damsel in distress — and maybe slay a fire-breathing dragon or two. But that’s not always the case.

Because at this 167-year-old castle-style estate in Brookneal, VA, fairytale endings are turnkey, presented in a pretty, turreted package that represents the lofty reverie of a deep-walleted nobleman and an architect with champagne taste to match. Together, this mid-19th-century duo turned their shared penchant for life’s finer things into Staunton Hill, a 15,696-square-foot Gothic Revival mansion with enough pomp and splendor that the boundary between fantasy and reality is successfully blurred.

Long, perilous quests to prove purity of heart aren’t a prerequisite to living here, but future inhabitants will have to conquer a different kind of beast: the monthly mortgage payment that accompanies a $ 5.490 million asking price. Hey, this particular ride into the sunset may come easy, but no one said it’d be cheap.

Staunton Hill Exterior

Situated upon 273 wooded acres overlooking the Staunton River in Charlotte County, VA, Staunton Hill was commissioned by Charles Bruce, a wealthy second-generation American whose father and benefactor, Scotland native James Bruce, had found fortune in the Southside Virginia tobacco industry.

In 1848, a little more than a decade after his father’s death, Charles Bruce built his 15,696-square-foot mansion on a hillside parcel deeded to him by his father’s estate. The three-story, 14-room plantation home was built in the Gothic Revival style, then considered to be a new and progressive choice for domestic use. With its crenellated facade and turrets, the Gothic architecture was a fitting design decision for a young man who fancied himself somewhat of an American royal. Bruce was, after all, considered to be one of the richest men in Virginia at the time.

Staunton Hill Yard

The property has since been augmented to include multiple guesthouses plus a tennis court, indoor racquetball court, an outdoor pool, and a greenhouse. Currently, the main home hosts 11 bedrooms and 10.5 bathrooms, while collectively, the estate comprises 25 bedrooms, 20.5 bathrooms, and close to 30,000 square feet of living space.

The estate’s current acreage has been greatly reduced from its original 5,000-plus acres, which formerly produced wheat, tobacco, livestock, and corn at this once-prosperous plantation in antebellum Virginia.

Staunton Hill Front

As his architect and builder, Bruce hired his friend John Evans Johnson, who wasted no time spending the young nobleman’s money. In fact, it’s said that the home’s $ 75,000 final construction cost was almost twice the sum originally agreed upon by Bruce.

The most ostentatious display of Johnson’s extravagant taste? The 10-column portico that decorates the south side of the home. Crafted of imported Italian marble, the portico and fluted columns reportedly cost as much as the rest of the home’s masonry (stucco over brick) combined. To put that in perspective, the home’s original plans included the manor home, a six-room colonnade (the east wing), and an adjacent law office.

Staunton Hill Guest Stair

Spanning two floors, the curved double staircases were Johnson’s pièces de résistance, considered to be the manor’s most esteemed design feature. The one-of-a-kind twin staircases greet guests on the other side of a marble-floored octagonal foyer, accessed through the marble portico of the main house’s south entrance.

Staunton Hill Foyer
Thirteen-foot-tall ceilings add to the grandeur of the three first-floor parlors, each of which features plaster crown molding and cornicing original to the manor. In fact, much of the home holds some key to its past, whether that be a solid mahogany pocket door, a Venetian mirror, a candelabra sconce, or an ornate, carved mantle.

Staunton Hill Guest

The plantation’s office, a two-story structure detached from the main house, burned down in the 1930s. It was rebuilt to its original specifications and now serves as the estate’s pool house, so-named due to its proximity to the outdoor pool.

Behind a mullioned-windowed facade that very much resembles that of the main house, the pool house offers additional living space in the form of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a second-floor library. Sweeping views of the surrounding lowlands are another amenity here.

Staunton Hill Guest Yard

Heightened by the crunch of gravel underfoot, the experience of Staunton Hill’s landscaped grounds and gardens is decidedly British. A boxwood maze cuts a circuitous path beside the pool house, while climbing roses, lilac, and blooming bushes and trees decorate the courtyard’s perimeter during the warmer months.

Staunton Hill Guest Rear

The west wing, which forms the courtyard on Staunton Hill’s north side, was added in 1934 by David K.E. Bruce, grandson of Charles Bruce and one of four generations of Bruces to come into possession of the estate. Staunton Hill is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Check out the image gallery and listing for this home: 1100 Magnolia Lane, Brookneal, VA 24528(Find other Brookneal, VA homes for sale.)


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7 Spectacular Homes Found On Pinterest

Aside from stealing the spotlight on Pinterest, these seven properties share one thing in common: an escape from the everyday — but not the suitcase-and-passport variety. We’re talking about the kind of momentary departure that’s found in a leisurely soak in the tub, a sip of margarita at a poolside bar, or even in a daydream about a life lived in one of the Park Avenue homes for sale in New York, NY. They’re stolen moments, and they’re just a click away on Pinterest.

Follow @Trulia on Pinterest, pin the homes that have exceptional Pinterest home decor inspiration, and tag with #FoundOnTrulia. We’ll feature our favorites regularly.

Austin Texas Real Estate

$ 519,000, 15202 Canary St., Austin, TX 78734

Energetic? Sure. Over the top? Maybe. Just don’t call it bland. This Pueblo-style home in Austin packs serious personality into its 2,593 square feet. And even if you don’t share the current owner’s penchant for Dia de los Muertos folk art and oversized furnishings, you’d be hard-pressed to find something to dislike about the four-bedroom, four-bathroom home’s outdoor bar and kitchen. It adjoins a partial courtyard and overlooks a spacious patio area, complete with a fire pit, swimming pool, and potted palms. See more homes for sale in Austin, TX.

Chevy Chase Real Estate Pinterest Home

$ 1.095 million, 7501 Brookville Road, Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Bet you didn’t expect to encounter “happily ever after” in Chevy Chase. Ripped from the pages of your favorite fairy tale, this storybook-perfect brick home catches the eye with a turreted facade and arched front door. Inside the artsy, three-bedroom house, visitors will encounter oak floors, exposed beams, a wood-burning fireplace, and a cozy finished basement that’s home to exactly zero trolls, fire-breathing dragons, or any other type of fantastical foe. See more homes for sale in Chevy Chase, MD.

Dallas TX Real Estate Pinterest Home

$ 789,000, 9014 Guildhall Drive, Dallas, TX 75238

This 3,678-square-foot contemporary home in Dallas is Texas Green Built–certified, but that’s not really what makes it Pinterest-worthy. Instead, it’s the new-construction home’s trendy, top-of-the-line fixtures and furnishings that have people pinning. The open, light-filled floor plan adds to the home’s appeal, and would you take a look at that master bath? The first person to dip a toe into that soaking tub is one lucky lad or lady. See more homes for sale in Dallas, TX.

Edgartown Real Estate Pinterest Home

$ 20 million, 22 Lelands Path, Edgartown, MA 02539

Before we delve into the specifics of this 10,099-square-foot, Shingle Style mansion in Martha’s Vineyard, MA, let’s pause to appreciate the postcard-worthy beauty that is the coastal island’s Katama Bay. Without it, the view from this hilltop home’s dreamy, all-white master bath wouldn’t quite be the same (but we’d gladly enjoy a soak in that tub, anyway). Other notable amenities here include a wine cellar, gym, steam room, and 180-degree views of surrounding conservation land. See more homes for sale in Edgartown, MA.

Encino CA Real Estate Pinterest Home

$ 2.249 million, 5101 Rubio Ave., Encino, CA 91436

With its open floor plan, this brand-new custom home favors linearity above all else — besides, of course, natural light, premium appliances, and posh finishes. What’s more, each and every one of the 4,000-square-foot home’s five bedrooms sports its very own bathroom and walk-in closet, while the expansive master suite boasts a few added amenities: a peekaboo fireplace separating the bedroom from the bathroom, as well as a balcony overlooking the home’s inviting outdoor pool (perfectly rectangular, of course). See more homes for sale in Encino, CA.

New York NY Real Estate Pinterest Home

$ 26 million, 49 E. 67th St., New York, NY 10065

Traditional sensibilities follow the straight and narrow in the form of this 8,600-square-foot red-brick townhouse in New York, which is stacked five stories high and measures in at 20 feet from side to side. Another figure worth noting? The townhome’s age: This tall drink of water dates all the way back to 1878 and retains many of its original architectural details, augmented by refined furnishings, tailored floor-to-ceiling drapes, and an impressive collection of oversized oil paintings. The basement pool is a work of art in and of itself, and the home’s tony Upper East Side address puts it just around the block from Park Avenue and mere steps from Central Park. See more homes for sale in New York, NY.

Woody Creek Real Estate Pinterest Home

$ 20 million, 250 Running Mare Road, Woody Creek, CO 81656

Get those boards and skis sharpened. This 15,961-square-foot mountain estate is located just 11 miles north of Colorado’s famed Aspen Ski Resort. Winter sports aren’t the only draw here, however: The five-bedroom residence offers its own entertainment in the form of a home theater, bar and billiards room, wine cellar, and fully equipped gym. At winter’s end, the home’s 16 bucolic acres are blanketed in wildflowers and mature perennials, while a series of canals lead water past an outdoor dining area before spilling into multiple reflecting pools. See more homes for sale in Woody Creek, CO.

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Found On Trulia: 9 Dreamy Homes You’re Pinning This Month

Another few weeks, another round of real estate to gaze at as we highlight the dreamiest homes shared on Pinterest by Trulia users over the past month.

Collectively, these nine beauties have all the Pinterest home decor ideas you desire: designer finishes, historic charm, open floor plans, private outdoor spaces — even a water slide that spills into the sparkling saltwater pool of our home-search dreams.

The result is a Pinterest-sewn patchwork of all that’s cool, trending, and desirable to homebuyers (and eye-candy admirers) right now, and they’re all for sale — from Washington, DC real estate to Seattle, WA.

Follow @Trulia on Pinterest and pin the homes that inspire you and tag with #FoundOnTrulia. We’ll be featuring our favorites regularly.

Light filled condo in DC.

$ 889,500, 2311 Connecticut Ave. NW, #201, Washington, DC 20008

Housed in a historic building, this light-filled condo charms with hardwood floors, decorative millwork, and interior shutters on every window. The two-bedroom condo also features (score!) access to a rooftop deck overlooking the nation’s capital. See more homes for sale in Washington, DC.

Wood beams and a wood burning fireplace in Dallas.

$ 894,900, 7243 Casa Loma Ave., Dallas, TX 75214

Exposed wood beams, a wood-burning fireplace, and an open floor plan add to the allure of this 4,035-square-foot, new-construction stunner in Dallas. See more homes for sale in Dallas, TX.

Classic colonial in New CAnaan.

$ 3.495 million, 142 Bridle Path Lane, New Canaan, CT 06840

It was built in 2006, but this six-bedroom custom Colonial recalls a bygone era with its crown molding and coffered ceilings. Outside, quiet walking paths lead past stone walls and mature plantings, evoking a similar feeling of nostalgia. See more homes for sale in New Canaan, CT.

Beautiful yellow craftsman style home in Seattle's Queen Anne.

$ 799,000, 2506 10th Ave., Seattle, WA 98119

Built-ins to beams, wainscoting to molding, millwork abounds in this 1912 home in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood, an area commonly linked with craftsman-style architecture. River-rock masonry and a covered front porch add to the home’s curb appeal. Just add a DIY hanging garden for perfection. See more homes for sale in Seattle, WA.

Ocean breezes and basketball courts at this La Jolla retreat.

$ 5.195 million, 1329 W. Muirlands Drive, La Jolla, CA 92037

California dreaming! This 6,275-square-foot, eight-bedroom home sits upon a half-acre lot overlooking the Pacific. Take in those ocean breezes as you shoot hoops on the lighted basketball court or zip down the water slide into the saltwater pool. See more homes for sale in La Jolla, CA.

Shotgun style New Orleans bungalow.

$ 295,000, 2823 Baronne St., New Orleans, LA 70115

Pretty and petite, this shotgun home in New Orleans makes an endearing first impression with emerald-green plantation shutters framed by white balusters. But don’t let the old-fashioned charm fool you: This two-bedroom home was built in 2015. See more homes for sale in New Orleans, LA.

Smart energy efficient home with Lutron lights.

$ 1.499 million, 6722 Norway Road, Dallas, TX 75230
Behold: the ranch home of the 21st century (and modernist fantasies). Check out the smart home’s clean lines, contemporary finishes, and cutting-edge technology, the latter exemplified by Nest thermostats and Lutron lights. Synthetic grass borders the linear outdoor pool. See more homes for sale in Dallas, TX.

1950s bungalow in Atlanta.

$ 235,000, 961 Delaware Ave. SE, Atlanta, GA 30316
It measures in at a mere 878 square feet, but this two-bedroom, 1950s bungalow packs a punch in terms of style. To wit: the Italian marble countertops in the kitchen, the variegated hardwood floors throughout, and the basin sink in the bathroom. Think of it as small-space living styled right. See more homes for sale in Atlanta, GA.

Rustic home in Big Canoe.

$ 340,000, 83 Owls Brow, Big Canoe, GA 30143
This not-so-rustic cabin in the woods redefines “roughing it” with a gourmet kitchen and two full bathrooms, one of which features a jetted tub. Coupled with a wide-planked ceiling and floors, a stone fireplace stretches all the way to the living room’s vaulted ceiling, a design that hints at the home’s forested surroundings. See more homes for sale in Big Canoe, GA

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Found On Trulia: Own One Of The World’s Great Buildings For $3.75 Million

Both strikingly beautiful and blended with the surrounding red-orange Sierra Nevada landscape, the Stremmel House commands attention without asking. Inside, the Reno, NV, home for sale contrasts its colorful facade with inviting, livable spaces that welcome the addition of art without feeling untouchable.

When owners Peter and Turkey Stremmel blended the expertise of renowned architects and interior designers with their custom flair and lived-in style, a house was born that publications like Architectural Digest and Architectural Record couldn’t ignore — the home was given distinction as House of the Year by Architectural Record soon after its completion in 1994.

With unique features like an indoor aviary tucked into its 6,515 square feet, it’s no surprise that this home is one of the most talked-about in Nevada. In addition to the bird-loving owners’ touch, unique room functionality extends to the laundry room, which is complete with an indoor-outdoor kennel. With a home this distinct, it’s impossible to focus on one eye-catching detail over another.

Sit back and enjoy the journey by watching this short film, then decide for yourself how hard it is to resist this high-design oasis.

house of the year in Reno, NV

Ask architect Mark Mack if the house is a piece of art, and he’ll rebut the notion by saying that architecture isn’t art itself; great architecture allows art to be seamlessly brought in and out. Still, Mack was determined to play with color to make this home’s palette glow against the desert landscape. Going against the white-or-gray-is-best school of design, he imagined the Stremmel House with contrasting shades of orange as the color of life and energy, earthy red, sunny yellow, green in the same hue as the nearby sage, and purple for the surrounding mountains. And taking inspiration from the natural world, the recipe for the Stremmel House was born.

house of the year in Reno, NV

Beautiful moments are made daily as a result of Mack’s delicate work on the home’s overhead trellis, a dramatic focal point on the exterior. Peter Stremmel speaks about the layering of light patterns as a “pastiche” of light on the wall, slinking over surfaces throughout the day and creating a shadow dance for beautiful visuals and shade-producing functionality. Casting lines across the entryway inside, the trellis shadows are echoed by strips of concrete in the backyard for long, continuous lines.

house of the year in Reno, NV

Part of Mack’s design process was visualizing how the home would act throughout the day — which areas get warm, which spaces stay cool — and he designed the layout to be functional during different seasons. In summer, the backyard is the optimal place to cool off. The lap pool gets the same shadow-and-light-interplay treatment as the interior and is separated from the dining room by glass doors that open to make the interior a breezeway to the backyard.

house of the year in Reno, NV

The home succeeds in its goal as a livable art gallery and welcomes its new owners to fill its spaces with their beloved collections. However, according to listing agent Kathie Bartlett, much of the art was custom-selected for the spaces and will come with the house, including Randy Shiroma’s large stone sculpture by the entry. One of the most remarkable times of day to be inside the house, according to Peter Stremmel, is during sunset. As the sun sets over the mountains and turns them orange, blue, red, and finally deep purple, shadows are cast over the stone sculpture and elongate past the walls. At night, when the full desert moon rises, the in-home gallery is illuminated by the magnificent moonbeams.

house of the year in Reno, NV

Interior designer Terry Hunziker created custom pieces for the Stremmel House, including the dining tables, which can be configured to seat anywhere from six to 22 people. So if you’re pondering the $ 3.75 million asking price, you may be persuaded by the fact that the Stremmels intend to sell the house mostly furnished to maintain the integrity of its original design.

house of the year in Reno, NV

The Stremmels have hosted some of the region’s most celebrated chefs in their cook’s kitchen, which comes impeccably equipped with dual dishwashers, warming drawers, and refrigerators for parties befitting the spectacular house.

house of the year in Reno, NV

The master bedroom’s design is defined by custom built-ins and floor-to-ceiling views of the surrounding mountains and desert. Even after 20 years of living in the home, Peter Stremmel still notices new architectural details surface that he hasn’t seen before. The notion is completely understandable once you look at the intricate detail in the window work and a built-in vanity in the master bedroom.

house of the year in Reno, NV

Adjacent to the master bedroom is a spacious study lined with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves that create a space that feels expansive and intimate at the same time — a recurring feature throughout the house.

house of the year in Reno, NV

Would you call the distinctive, contemporary Stremmel House your own? Check out the listing and image gallery for this home at 339 Anitra Drive, Reno, NV 89511, then tell us which room is your favorite in the comments!

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Found On Trulia: East Meets West (Coast) In The Red Zen Retreat

What’s red, black, and Zen all over? The answer to this most perplexing of riddles can be found behind the foo dog–flanked front gate of this one-bedroom home for sale in Sunland, CA, a residential neighborhood in the ancient, distant land of … Los Angeles.

OK, so it’s not exactly of the same caliber as, say, the Great Wall of China, but this cinder-block ode to Far East design is a marvel in and of itself. (Kudos to this marvel’s intrepid creator, who not only embraces a theme, but commits.) We’re betting it adheres to every feng shui rule in the book.

So enter and drink in the seamless convergence of industrial-contemporary and Asian kitsch — just be sure to trade your shoes for a slinky kimono by the front door and open your wallet wide: This eighth wonder of Los Angeles will set you back $ 999,000.

Homes for sale in Sunland CA

Billed as an “Asian oasis,” the one-bedroom, one-bathroom home sits upon a private, foothills lot in Sunland, CA. The neighborhood in Los Angeles is perhaps best known for its proximity to the San Gabriel Mountains (and for being home to Mount Lukens, whose summit represents the highest point within LA city limits).

The 1,400-square-foot hideaway boasts easy access to the not-very-Zen, multilane Foothill Freeway (Route 210), which, much like the babbling stream that traverses the 1.18-acre property, snakes its way across the rocky Greater Los Angeles landscape.

Homes for sale in Sunland CA

A brief entry bridge cuts a path through a tangle of tropical palms and bamboo and leads to a gravel-paved cul-de-sac at the home’s main entrance. There, guests are greeted by a taste of what’s to come: a cherry-red Japanese torii gate, traditionally used as an entry point into a sacred space, a boundary between the physical and spiritual worlds. This particular model is guarded by a pair of foo dogs and pivots at the center to reveal an expansive paved courtyard framed by cinder blocks.

Homes for sale in Sunland CA

Sporting the home’s signature accent color, red (considered good luck in Chinese culture), a sitting Buddha presides over the action in the courtyard. A partially covered patio area offers quick shelter when Mother Nature puts an early end to meditation sessions, yoga sequences, or sips of green tea by the bamboo fountain.

Homes for sale in Sunland CA

Sliding glass doors separate the patio area from the eat-in kitchen, which sports polished concrete floors and custom textured countertops. Keeping with the home’s industrial-meets-Asian theme, the space is heavy on metal finishes, from the track lighting and cabinetry to the dueling stainless steel refrigerators on the far sides of the room. Pattern enters the space through geometric wall art and coordinating dining room chairs upholstered in purple and cheetah-print fabric.

Homes for sale in Sunland CA

To get from the kitchen to the living room, you’ll need to pass through a door — but not just any old door. In this instance, the door is an asymmetrical custom creation cloaked in studded red suede and punctuated by a zebra-print handle.

The bold black-and-white print is echoed by a few of the living room’s furnishings: a red-trimmed settee, an oversized urn beside the modern fireplace, and, on the black velvet sectional, a grouping of throw pillows. Above the fireplace, a circular silver mirror mimics the look of a porthole-inspired window, while overhead, exposed ductwork continues the industrial-chic theme.

Homes for sale in Sunland CA

Overlooking the courtyard, the master suite and adjoining bath measure in at 600 square feet — that’s more than 40% of the home’s total square footage. R&R is paramount here, and it’s easy to find under the covers of the California king-sized bed, which is shrouded by red silk panels and hugged by upholstered walls. A picture window provides a little scenery when you’re curled up with a good book on the matching red couches.

homes for sale in sunland ca

The bathroom, which abuts the master suite and is separated from the living room by a sliding barn door, offers additional custom touches. Namely, a massive soaking tub illuminated by skylight, a brushed copper sink, a steam shower, futuristic silhouettes that adorn the ceiling alcoves, and an accent wall covered in — no surprises here — zebra-print wallpaper.

Check out the image gallery and real estate listing for this home: Address Not Disclosed, Sunland, CA 91040. (Find other homes for sale in Sunland, CA.)

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Found On Trulia: East Meets West (Coast) In The Red Zen Retreat was originally published on Southern Classic Realtors – Nivla Calcinore – Bringing You Home

Found On Trulia: A Silent Film Starlet’s Southwestern-Style California Hideaway

If walls could talk. Imbued in every square inch of this $ 3.448 million historic adobe estate in Rancho Santa Fe, CA, are the secrets of its most famous former resident, screen-siren-turned-real estate-mogul Corinne Griffith. Born in Texas in 1894, the raven-haired beauty dominated the box office during the 1920s silent film era, when she earned the nickname “the orchid lady of the screen.”

But here’s where things get really interesting: In 1966, while in the process of divorcing her fourth husband, 45-year-old Broadway star Danny Scholl, Griffith swore under oath that she was not, in fact, Corinne Griffith, and that the starlet had died 30-some years before. Instead, she was the “deceased” starlet’s own younger sister, 20 years her junior.

The reason for the (alleged) charade? Simple: The actress’s fortune was at stake. Because according to Scholl, Griffith had lied about her age before entering into their six-week-long marriage; she purported to be 20 years younger than her actual age of 71. Scholl wanted out, and he wanted restitution. Few believed Griffith’s testimony, but her story was enough to convince the judge: He ruled in the actress’s favor, leaving her earnings intact. Upon her death in 1979, she left behind an estate of $ 150 million — and an artistic legacy that includes the construction of this mission-style adobe hacienda in San Diego County.

Rancho Santa Fe Home for Sale

Griffith’s transition into the talkies was a bumpy one, and her film career soon fizzled. Did the leading lady then fade into obscurity? Not quite. Instead, Griffith reinvented herself as an accomplished author and artist, and she turned her attention to real estate investments (savvy ones at that).

Santa Fe Home for Sale

Among her more astute investments was the purchase of a city block in downtown Rancho Santa Fe, which she redeveloped for commercial use during the 1930s; this was around the same time that the actress initiated construction of this now-7,212-square-foot estate, high in the hills outside of town.

Santa Fe Home for Sale

The home was built from two 1900s Spanish missions from Taos and Las Cruces, NM, which Griffith had disassembled and shipped via flatbed railroad car to her build site, then reconfigured to her specifications. Construction was completed in the early 1940s.

Santa Fe Home for Sale

The home retains many of the architectural features original to the missions, such as the viga and latilla ceilings, the hand-laid wooden floors, and the handcrafted wooden shutters. One of the mission’s original bells is suspended above the estate’s entryway gate.

Santa Fe Home for Sale

Vibrantly colored furnishings team up with custom-crafted lighting, hand-rendered woodcarvings, and exotic collectibles in creating the home’s distinctive style.

Santa Fe Home for Sale

Blurring the line between indoors and out, floor-to-ceiling French doors lead from the spacious living room to one of many outdoor spaces that bound the home. The patios and verandas at the rear of the residence provide stunning views of the surrounding mountains and the valley below.

Santa Fe Home for Sale

There are five bedrooms within the main house plus three additional bedrooms in the estate’s detached guesthouse. Pictured here is the main house’s master bedroom, which features a custom adobe fireplace — one of seven wood-burning fireplaces throughout the property.

Santa Fe Home for Sale

Simultaneously rustic and modern, the cozy galley-style kitchen is complemented by exposed brick and painted tile. The kitchen is located adjacent to a glass-walled dining room.

Santa Fe Home for Sale

Recessed windows flank a wood-burning fireplace in the formal dining room.

Santa Fe Home for Sale

Sharing the panoramic mountain views enjoyed from nearly every room of the main house, the two-story guesthouse — built by a later owner — offers three bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and a fully equipped kitchen.

Santa Fe Home for Sale

Bold pops of color and inviting verandas add to the appeal of the guesthouse, which echoes the main house in its aesthetic.

Santa Fe Home for Sale

Slicing through luxuriant tropical foliage, a meandering stone walkway leads to an enchanting grotto-style pool and a natural rock spa, complete with a babbling waterfall.

Check out the image gallery and real estate listing for this home: 5407 Linea Del Cielo, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067. (Find other homes for sale in Rancho Santa Fe, CA.)

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9 Jaw-Dropping Homes Found On Pinterest

The homes most pinned by Trulia users over the past four weeks run the gamut from pragmatic (lower price points, achievable decor, modest square footage) to over-the-top “wow” (seaside lots, mountain views, $ 80K monthly mortgages). In other words, Trulia users have an equal appreciation for style and substance — and isn’t that mixed bag of attainable and aspirational precisely what Pinterest is all about anyway?

Mull it over as you scroll through these nine jaw-dropping properties, which double as some of the hottest homes for sale on Trulia right now. (Five are in California! A boast for the West Coast!)

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pinterest home decorating ideas Telluride

$ 4.995 million, 229 E. Serapio Drive, Telluride, CO 81435

A full day at the slopes deserves a soak in the hot tub, and at this luxury alpine abode, that’s just what you’ll find — plus a wine cellar, billiards room, movie theater, breathtaking mountain views, and 7,451 square feet of living space for you and your closest friends. Did we mention this six-bedroom home is just under a 25-minute drive to the famous Telluride Ski Resort? (If all those aforementioned friends are nowhere to be found now, they soon will be.)

pinterest home decorating ideas Chevy Chase

$ 1.795 million, 4113 Leland St., Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Located just outside Bethesda, this 3,708-square-foot brick Colonial is a vision in white, both indoors and out. Ample windows and skylights enable the already-bright space to shine with increased intensity, and who wouldn’t want to cook up a storm in that fully loaded kitchen, overlooking the breakfast nook and backyard?

pinterest home decorating ideas La Jolla

$ 16.9 million, 5840 Camino De La Costa, La Jolla, CA 92037

Want to live life on the edge? This gravity-defying Mediterranean-style mansion is perched just before the drop of an oceanside bluff in La Jolla, creating dramatic water views from nearly every floor-to-ceiling window. The 8,465-square-foot home is separated from the sea by a sliver of a manicured garden and an infinity edge pool that echoes the home’s endless-horizon views.

pinterest home decorating ideas Savannah

$ 340,000, 244 E. 53rd St., Savannah, GA 31405

A cute-as-a-button and newly renovated bungalow in Savannah’s desirable Ardsley Park neighborhood. How could you go wrong? Not only does this 2,402-square-foot, four-bedroom, three-bath home offer brand-spanking-new amenities inside (check out that master bath!), but it also sits on a corner lot at the intersection of two charming, tree-lined residential streets.

pinterest home decorating ideas Ojai

$ 3.45 million, 12693 Highwinds Road, Ojai, CA 93023

Combining the best features of a Napa Valley winery with the architectural elements of a Tidewater home in the Deep South, this 3,150-square-foot residence in Ojai was custom-built in 2006. Farmhouse-style furnishings and century-old wooden floors add to the home’s rustic appeal, while outside, numerous covered porches provide a peaceful place for sipping a cold glass of sweet tea — and overlooking the property’s orange groves, 60-foot lap pool, and the surrounding mountains.

pinterest home decorating ideas Santa Barbara

$ 3.495 million, 935 Arcady Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93108

French doors from the second-floor master suite of this 3,838-square-foot hilltop estate in celeb-favorite Montecito lead to a private balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Off in the distance, the foothills of the Santa Ynez Mountains are also in the frame. Needless to say, whoever pays the mortgage on this Cape Cod–style home will drink in some seriously spectacular views along with their morning latte.

pinterest home decorating ideas Montecito

$ 3.795 million, 1103 Camino Viejo, Montecito, CA 93108

Contemporary Zen meets the Mid-Century rancher in this four-bedroom home in tony Montecito. Trulia users on Pinterest can’t seem to resist its striking exposed wood beams, which stand in stunning contrast to the home’s bright white walls and ashy wood floors. We’re digging the Japanese teahouse vibe of the facade and abutting rock garden.

pinterest home decorating ideas Sea Ranch

$ 969,500, 261 Whale Bone Reach, The Sea Ranch, CA 95497

You’re familiar with craftsmans and Colonials, but what do you know about The Sea Ranch style? It’s an architectural style unique to the Sonoma County town of The Sea Ranch, which is quite likely one reason this 2,561-square-foot home attracts attention on Pinterest. Other explanations for its popularity? The home’s dramatic, light-filled interior, as well as its position within a private hillside meadow just beyond the reach of the Pacific.

pinterest home decorating ideas Fort Worth

$ 879,000, 7001 Shadow Creek Court, Fort Worth, TX 76132

Nestled within the exclusive gated community of Mira Vista in Fort Worth, this four-bedroom home makes a lasting first impression with its two-story formal living room, which is punctuated by a dramatic curved staircase and a picture window that spans more than half the height of the space. Still, the real selling points of the residence are more easily overlooked: the granite countertops in the kitchen, for example, or the slate tile and scraped hardwood floors that run throughout the majority of the 4,355-square-foot stunner.

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Found on Trulia: Modern Chicago Style in a 1916 Electrical Substation

What? You’ve never seen an early-20th-century substation-turned-water-cooler-distributor-turned-private-residence before? Pshaw. Well, architectural ingenuity is commonplace in Chicago, home to this 16,000-square-foot contemporary substation conversion on North Clark Street, whose adaptive design echoes the “form meets function” principle attributed to Frank Lloyd Wright.

So how does an architect manage to modify a 99-year-old substation to meet the demands of a 21st-entury homeowner — without undermining the structure’s past? The answer is simple: by not messing too much with a good thing. Sure, the interior of the substation may have been changed, but its original facade shines on; it’s just one gem in the multifaceted architectural landscape known as the Windy City’s Gold Coast Historic District.

For those of us who can’t afford the $ 15 million price tag, a great way to see this adaptive design is to stroll by during the Chicago Architecture Biennial this fall. Starting October 3 and running through January 2016, exhibitions will be scattered across the city, from Water Tower Gallery down to Millennium Park.

Historic Chicago Home for Sale Exterior

Behind this yellow brick gatehouse in Chicago’s Near North Side stands a shining example of architectural adaptive reuse: a Commonwealth Edison substation transformed into a six-bedroom, nine-bathroom luxury contemporary home.

Built in 1916, the substation underwent renovations in 2008, when a local couple financed its conversion into an eco-friendly single-family home. Per an article in Chicago magazine, the couple commissioned Illinois architect Michael Hershenson to expand the structure from two floors to four and add an atrium and “green” features including solar panels (for heating the pool), plus a geothermal heating and cooling system.

Historic Chicago Home for Sale Exterior
Besides having its windows enlarged, the substation’s facade experienced little disturbance during the renovation process. Its flat roof, understated friezes, and masonry construction — all hallmarks of the Prairie style pioneered by Frank Lloyd Wright — were preserved.

The substation’s front “yard,” on the other hand, saw significant changes, morphing from a parking lot into a verdant courtyard. One of many outdoor spaces throughout the residence, the courtyard features a 35-by-17-foot lap pool paralleled by a swath of grass with almost the same dimension. The gatehouse? It doubles as a pool house and sports a changing room, wet bar, and bathroom.

Historic Chicago Home for Sale Den

The Prairie style was all about wide, open spaces, and the home’s main living area follows suit. In fact, the first level of the historic Chicago home sees very little disruption in its floor plan. From the foyer and kitchen to the formal salon and living and dining spaces, each “room” of the first floor flows organically into the next, while a four-story atrium stairwell joins oversized windows to flood the space with natural light.

Historic Chicago Home for Sale Kitchen

Encompassing a butler’s pantry and breakfast nook overlooking the pool, the kitchen is equipped for whipping up home-cooked meals as well as entertaining a crowd. A large center island provides ample room for resting a wine glass or a stack of schoolbooks, while overhead, an industrial-style light fixture imparts a little grit to contrast the kitchen’s glossy white cabinetry.

Historic Chicago Home for Sale Bedroom

One of the home’s seven terraces can be found in the master bedroom, an elegant, luxurious retreat on the second level that measures in at a whopping 40 by 15 feet. And that’s not even including the square footage in the palatial, chandelier-crowned master bath, which features a soaking tub and an enormous walk-in shower. The bathroom is bordered by his-and-hers walk-in closets and a separate space dedicated solely to meditation.

Historic Chicago Home for Sale Basement

After the structure served as a substation, it enjoyed a stint as the headquarters of S.K. Culver Co., a water cooler distributor founded in 1944 and still in business today. The company’s original signage, which once emblazoned the front of the building, lives on in the home’s cavernous basement rec room. The sign-turned-art serves as a conversation piece as guests are introduced to the fully stocked wine cellar and the home’s second kitchen.

Historic Chicago Home for Sale View

A spiral staircase leads from the fourth-floor greenhouse and expansive garden terrace to the residence’s rooftop deck. There, residents can enjoy a panorama of the Chicago cityscape, complete with a bird’s-eye view of picturesque Washington Square Park just across the street to the east.

Check out the image gallery and listing for this home: 924 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL 60610. (Find other Chicago homes for sale.)

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Found on Trulia: Modern Chicago Style in a 1916 Electrical Substation was originally published on Southern Classic Realtors – Nivla Calcinore – Bringing You Home