Best Fall Buys: Big Ticket Items

Have you been noticing some good prices on big-ticket items lately? Now’s a great time to save on these higher-priced purchases.


It’s not only smart to lock in your holiday airfare, but since it’s “shoulder season” – the time of year when crowds disperse and prices to popular destinations drop from their summertime highs – it’s an excellent time to actually travel.

Interested in setting sail? You can save several hundred dollars on cruises this time of year.

Is Europe on your bucket list? Pack your bags! The conditions are perfect: airfares are reasonable, hotels in traditionally expensive cities are much more affordable than they were during peak season, and the U.S. dollar continues to be strong against the Euro and other European currencies. To maximize savings, consider booking a package that combines hotel and airfare.



When the new 2016 models hit the lots in early fall (i.e., now), dealers roll out all sorts of incentives on older models, such as cashback incentives and low- or no-interest financing. If the newer models are significantly more appealing because of new features or styling changes, the savings is more significant.


Just make sure you do your research before setting foot inside the dealership, as the more prepared you are, the better-positioned you will be to negotiate.

Popular car-buying sites, such as Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds can help you come up with a target price on a new car based on where you live and which features you’re interested in.

Grills and patio furniture

After Labor Day, prices on grills get slashed by up to 50 percent. And that’s significant, considering that top-of-the-line models can easily exceed $ 1,000. In October, the discounts get even steeper (think 70 percent or more), although the selection is more limited.

As for patio furniture, expect discounts on any remaining summer inventory of up to 85 percent in October and into November.

patio furn

Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

Household appliances

Historically, fall is the best time to buy most major household appliances, with the exception of refrigerators (wait until May). After all, this is when older models need to be cleared out to make room for the new.

Dishwashers, stoves and washer/dryer sets are usually marked down by about 20 percent. Prices may be slashed by as much as 90 percent on clearance items.


Courtesy of Zillow Digs.


Note: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinion or position of Zillow.

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10 Neutral Colors You’ll Fall in Love With

Nature’s neutrals are still in style as we move into fall. Pantone has tweaked their spring palette just a little bit, combining colors for fall from opposite sides of the spectrum together to create a fun, fantastical yet neutral and androgynous palette. The juxtaposition creates an aura of poise that gathers its strength from nature’s allusions and makes for strong and sophisticated decor.


Bedroom Fall Colors


That isn’t to say these strong colors aren’t fun. Paired with bold colors and patterns, they make for a hopeful and whimsical vibe that leads you to believe that anything is possible. And with this diverse palette, it really is!

Top 10 Pantone Colors for Fall

1. Dried Herb

Pantone Dried Herb

This olive green tone is no longer resigned to the military and camo gear. With all the other fall colors, it becomes a complimentary color, alone in a statement piece or paired as an accent, that is rich and chic.





2. Desert Sage

Pantone Desert Sage

The green undertone in this soothing gray makes it a perfect neutral with a hint of personality. Build your palette from it or anchor a room by using it on your walls.






3. Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather

Just as you’d expect, this color bring the energy and excitement of an overcast day before a storm. The enduring blue-gray feels luxurious and constant, like a steady rainfall. We can’t get enough of this robust tone, use it just about anywhere.





4. Oak Buff

Pantone Oak Buff

Oak Buff is mellow like the sun coming out on a crisp fall day. It has that comforting feeling of being curled up with a blanket and a book as the leaves fall outside. We love it as a warm accent.





5. Marsala


You may recognize this color from spring. It transitions to fall as a foundation color for a palette that stands boldly with grounding confidence. Sensual and earthy like its namesake, use it as a pop of color such as a stand-out accent chair.





6. Biscay Bay

Biscay Bay

This lush and elegant teal cools off warm tones with a hint of tropical weather from islands far away. It’s inviting and encourages daydreams of summer. Use it for standout pieces or on an accent wall.





7. Reflecting Pond

Pantone Reflecting Pond

Deep and brooding, Reflecting Pond does just as the name implies. It’s depth adds stability and security all the while making a room seem endless and soothing. Definitely use this color in a bold, big way.





8. Cadmium Orange

Pantone Cadmium Orange

If this color reminds you of the ‘60s or ‘70s, you wouldn’t be wrong. It’s fun, it’s fantastical, it’s playful. Just what this earthy 2015 palette needs for a pop of color. Use it on its own or as a contrast for a splash of fun.





9. Cashmere Rose

Pantone Cashmere Rose

Continuing the mod-modern twist, Cashmere Rose comes in a little more muted than Cadmium Orange. It’s upscale, soft and rich color will add composure to a palette however you use it.





10. Amethyst Orchid

Pantone Amethyst Orchid

Every palette has a stand out color, and this is it for Fall 2015. It’s bright jewel tone adds intrigue in a vibrant and sensual way. Once a color for royalty, Amethyst Orchid’s purple hues will make any room just as rich and will inspire your creative design.





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8 Festive Bulbs to Plant This Fall

Unless you frequent the garden stores, you might forget to plant bulbs this fall that will shower your yard with brilliant colors next spring. Pops of blue, lavender, pink, white and yellow signal the arrival of warmer temperatures, baseball and a time when we can stay outside longer. Let this serve as your reminder to bury those bulbs now and forget about them. If you’d like to change up what bursts into bloom in your yard next spring, you’ll find some unique flowers in this list.

1. Tulips

Look for single or double flowers, fringed or ruffled-edged varieties. Sew one or two colors in a pattern of your choosing – circles, bunches, rectangles – or plant a colorful rainbow of yellow, pink, orange, red, lavender and purple.

Pink Tulips

2. Crocus

The first of the spring bulbs to bloom, crocuses just barely peak out of the dirt because of their short stature. A single flower sprouts from the end of a tube and comes in brilliant shades of yellow, purple, lilac, blue and striped.


3. Daffodils

Other common names include narcissus and jonquil. A harbinger of spring, these traditionally show yellow or white petals surrounding trumpet-shaped flowers. They also infuse a sweet, dewy fragrance into the air.


4. Grape Hyacinth

This bulb creates a grape-like cluster of cobalt blue bell flowers with a thin, white stripe on the rim. Floppy, narrow green leaves accent the flowers. Grows 4 to 8 inches tall and emits an exhilarating scent.

Grape Hyacinth

5. Bearded Iris

Thick, bushy “beards” on the lower petals give these blossoms their name. Select from a variety of heights from miniature to dwarf to standard and all sizes in between and almost any color. Royal purple, a vibrant choice, gives your landscaping a beautiful flush.

Bearded Iris

6. Dutch Iris

Can grow to two feet, which makes their intense colors like deep blue, purple or orange a focal showpiece in your landscaping. The petals that drape off the sides often sport a yellow swatch.

Dutch Iris

7. Summer Snowflake

Almost identical to snowdrops, which bloom prior to spring snowflakes. A foliage that looks like grass supports white bell-shaped flowers that hang down. Makes a good backdrop for a border for low-growing perennials and the flowers last a long time.

Summer Snowflake Flower

8. Scilla

Produces a smaller blue flower. Many shades of blue are available including purple-blue. Although rarer, you may also find them in pink, purple and white. As a bonus, they multiply.



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4 Outdoor Fireplaces Perfect for Fall Entertaining

While the long summer nights may be coming to a close, your outdoor entertaining opportunities are just getting started. Extend your home beyond your sliding glass door by using an outdoor fireplace to keep the party going. Here are four settings perfect for warming up and chilling out.

Home away from home

If you and your family and friends spend most of your evenings outdoors, consider bringing the inside, outside. Add homey details like a mantle, shelving, and outdoor furniture around the fireplace unit for a cozy space to curl up on a cool night.

This type of area, with its rustic vibe and comfortable ambiance, is ideal for treating the kids to s’mores or sharing a glass of wine with friends at the end of the evening.


Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

Totally transparent

For a luxe look, consider installing a double-sided outdoor fireplace. Not only does this style open up your entire backyard area, but it also allows for better ventilation throughout the space.

Add a uniquely fashioned grate to one side to protect plants and guests from sparks or ash.


Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

Chimney charm

Every outdoor landscape needs a great focal point, and in the case of a fireplace, it’s a beautifully crafted chimney. While you have the option to choose a minimalist fire pit or simple bowl feature, why not highlight your outdoor fireplace by utilizing unique texture, an interesting shape, or robust color?

This chimney is a standout feature in this hidden backyard area. The cool gray stone plays well with the bold brick walls and overall dark color palette. By using two textures and two colors, the chimney adds dimension and interest to this carved out cove.


Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

Modern minimalism

Outdoor fireplaces don’t always have to be made of brick or stone. Try a minimalist approach to the outdoor fireside by mixing up its color and shape.

In this outdoor area, the hearth is long and lean, boasting an open flame that flickers safely because of the smaller flames emitted. With this type of look, keep a safe distance between the fireplace and flammable furniture and textiles, and situate it near brick or stone to reduce the risk of overheating and burning anything in close proximity.

Add outdoor furniture that matches your contemporary fireplace to complement the look.


Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

See more outdoor fireplace inspiration.


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Fashion-Inspired Home Decor for Fall

Courtesy of Lanvin (left) and Zillow Digs (right).

Courtesy of Lanvin (left) and Zillow Digs (right).

It’s that time of year again: Fashion magazines have released their fat, glossy September issues, and our eyes are glued to the latest trends and styles to grace the runway  – and, soon, our closets.

Find inspiration for your home design in this fall’s fashion magazines – the colors, patterns, textures, and overall aesthetic translate so well. Here are three favorite fall fashion looks that can easily go from runway to entry way.

Dark Diva

This fall, some of the must-see designers of New York Fashion Week went a little dark, with looks reminiscent of a grown-up Wednesday Addams. Particularly into this trend were Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen and Thom Browne. Neither of the esteemed designers are new to couture, nor are they shy, making theirs the best shows to spot new and evolving trends.

Uniform in style and often monochromatic, think of this trend as Dark Diva. A reinvention of the color black, Dark Diva showcases subtle restraint and precise execution in all design facets.

Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

If this style appeals to you, consider reflecting your closet in your home with modern steampunk lighting fixtures, animal-inspired side tables, and eerily beautiful portraits and paintings. Dark Diva can also serve as a foundation design for more lively colors in a few months when you decide to decorate for spring.

Seeing Seventies

Get ready for a blast from the past – 1970s style is back, and it’s better than ever. With cleverly composed ensembles by Burberry and Lanvin, this look will be on your fashion radar through the upcoming fall season.

With layered bohemian prints and fabrics, beads, texture, and a “What? These old things?” mentality, Seeing Seventies is the modern era’s take on that undeniably classic decade. If you can’t quite part with braided hair and a velvet detailed poncho, then Seeing Seventies might appeal to you.

Courtesy of .

Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

Lots of plants (specifically cacti), mid-century inspired art, and teak side tables help create this look. Sprinkle in some funky glassware and a woven boho rug, and you’re all set for fall 2015.

Subtle Sophisticate

Count on Lanvin and The Row to showcase an irresistibly sweet silhouette. Ladylike and full of luster, the Subtle Sophisticate trend plays up fragility and bold cuts like high-necked tops and tiered skirt lengths.

If you’re drooling at the thought of a powder pink pantsuit, you might be a Subtle Sophisticate. Your home decor fantasy probably involves a lovely loft with contemporary art displays, simple Scandinavian furniture offset by weighty sculptures and marble flooring, and plenty of powdery colors.

Don’t be afraid to up the glam factor with metals like gold and silver, and add depth with heavily textured throw pillows and area rugs. After all, there is nothing more sophisticated than a well-balanced home.

Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

Fashion mavens are constantly on the lookout for trends to incorporate into all facets of their lives: clothes, accessories, shoes, and their homes. Feel free to mix and match these styles and blend them with your own personal twist.


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4 Ways to Cozy Up Your Kitchen for Fall

The leaves changing color indicates the season has changed, and so follows your home decor. Decorating for the chillier fall months means incorporating warm and inviting colors and textures into your home’s interior design, specifically in the kitchen.

Try these four tips to create a cozier kitchen for fall.

Weave in dark textiles

Fall means decorating with gorgeously textured throws, pillows, and table linens. Introduce your kitchen to an autumnal palette using dark, natural window coverings and similar table linens for a cozy effect. This look juxtaposes raw texture with soft details like fresh fruit, warm placemats, and smooth surfaces.

Bank on butcher block

Found most often in farmhouse-style or rustic homes, butcher block is great for countertops and tables because it’s durable and looks better the longer you have it.

If you’re thinking about switching out your countertop, consider butcher block for a warm, inviting feel. If you don’t want to commit to a full countertop, try a large cutting board or table to add earthiness to your kitchen.


Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

Add pops of color

If your kitchen has a blank space or accent wall, consider painting it for an inviting scene. For the fall season, you can choose to use warmer, darker colors like a deep red, warm orange, or olive or brown tone.

Don’t want to paint an entire wall? Select a piece of art or two featuring deep and rich colors to create a cozy ambiance. You could even paint your cabinets or counters.


Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

Nurture indoor plants

Houseplants are always good go-to decorations because they require little upkeep, and add a touch of freshness to any space. They are particularly useful in the fall because they can double as herb gardens or unique decor.

Install a small indoor garden on your window sill or on a shelf near a window to have easy access to fresh rosemary, sage, and basil, even when the weather might not call for gardening.


While these suggestions may seem small, they are great touch-ups to boost your festive theme this fall season. Add one or two, or mix all of the design tips for a home-sweet-home feel.

What are your favorite fall-themed ideas for a cozy kitchen?

See more kitchen design inspiration.


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13 Ways to Decorate With Pumpkins This Fall

Beyond the enthusiasm over pumpkin spiced food and beverages, pumpkins are versatile and evoke the fall harvest, and can take you through to Thanksgiving. Check out these decorating ideas for the fall season and rejoice in the fact that some of these don’t require any kind of carving.

Ideas for an Autumnal Ambiance

1. Look Sharp

Use Sharpies to draw a free hand design like leaves, or use multiple pumpkins in a row to spell out your house number, directions, or a message like “B-O-O.”

2. Play With Color

In addition to the typical orange, you can use different colored pumpkins for different color schemes: white pumpkins look sculptural; pale yellow can be paired with grapefruits and lemons for a sunny display; or combine orange pumpkins with red pomegranates for centerpieces or displays. Use a variety of sizes for visual interest.

Pumpkin Assortment


3. Paint Pen Patterns

Grab some white pumpkins and metallic paint pens, then follow the natural grooves and curves of the gourd to make classy centerpieces. Try them in a variety of sizes!

4. Pumpkin Planting Pots

Round pumpkins or squash with flat bottoms, such as Kabocha or Italian stripe, make great vessels for plants, and can take you all the way to Thanksgiving. Cut off the top third and hollow out the bottom two-thirds, leaving about an inch of flesh all the way around. Add potting soil, then arrange succulents or other plants in the soil. Cut a thin layer off the rim for a clean edge. When the pumpkin starts to get soft, repot your plants. Or, for a great centerpiece, hollow out a pumpkin, add a block of floral foam, and insert your desired flora for a spectacular arrangement.

Pumpkin Flower Pot


5. Go a Little Batty

Grab some black poster board and cut out bats to fly across an orange or white pumpkin affixed with glue dots.

6. Place Settings

Tiny pumpkins make perfect place settings. Tie a paper tag to the pumpkin stems at each setting or write your guests name on each mini pumpkin with a marker.

Pumpkin Place Setting


7. Tape It

Attach colorful electrical tape or Washi tape either banded horizontally, or taped vertically along the ribs of a pumpkin. The design possibilities are endless.

8. Soup Servers

Carve out small pumpkins and serve a pumpkin or squash puree soup in them for festive-themed soup tureens. Or, carve out a larger pumpkin and serve the soup from it to individual bowls.


Pumpkin Soup Bowl


9. Tack It

Write out a message with a wax pencil, then trace it with thumbtacks. The end result is the message looks like it’s studded! Tip: the shorter the word, the easier it is to read.

10. Dress Them Up

Looking for a more sophisticated take on pumpkin decorating? Grab your glue gun and dress your pumpkins in ribbons and dried potpourri.

Pumpkin and Ribbons


11. Chalk It Up

Paint a pumpkin with chalkboard spray paint, then use a  white chalkmarker to draw a design, write a word or a greeting for a party

12. Votive Candle Holders

More versatile than a traditional jack-o-lantern, hollow out mini pumpkins to make enough room for a votive candle to fit inside. Group them on a mantle or strew them the length of a table for a centerpiece.

Pumpkin Votive Candle


13. Decoupage

Print out black and white copies of photos and mod podge them onto a pumpkin for a keepsake. Use pressed leaves from your yard to add a natural touch of foliage, or go for a Victorian touch and decoupage white doilies onto pumpkins for a more refined look.


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How to Compost Fall Leaves

The days are growing short, and the piles of leaves in your yard may be growing larger. And while one might think it’s time to bag them up and haul them away, it’s actually better for your yard—and the environment—if you compost them.


Rake Leaves


Fallen leaves contain 50-80% of the nutrients that a tree extracts from the earth. By composting them, we’re helping the earth replenish itself. When yard waste goes to landfills, methane gas is released, a greenhouse gas that contributes to air pollution and global warming. Methane and other toxins can also condense into liquid and leak into groundwater. Plus, some municipalities charge to haul away garbage and waste, so it’s more economical to learn the simple steps to compost your leaves.

How To

You can make a bin with some lumber and chicken wire and a few tools, or you can purchase one. A good guideline is to think about a 4 foot square area for it. Determine where the compost bin will be placed (ideally, it will be on soil, in full or partial sun, and near the garden). The farther away the bin is from where the bulk of the leaves fall, the more hauling to the bin you’ll do.


Compost Bin


You can jumpstart the decaying process by collecting leaves using a lawnmower with a bag attachment; the lawnmower will start to break down the leaves. You want to be sure to shred the leaves before you put them in the compost bin; full sized leaves will pack in a thick layer and take years to decompose. If the leaves are dry when you put them into the bin, dampen them with water. You can accelerate the process by adding about a cup of lime and a cup of blood meal to the compost bin.

Start with a six inch layer of leaves, then add two inches of other organic material like manure, garbage, green weeds or grass clippings. Every now and then, use a pitck fork to “stir” the leaves. And when you notice the compost pile getting dry, you can spray it down with water, and then turn the leaves again.


To use composted leaves as mulch, you can apply them directly under trees shrubs and plantings to protect the soil and insulate the plants from the cold. Be generous with  them—the higher the pile of mulch the more effective the insulation, since there will be more air trapped inside the pile. Aim for  6–7 inches to start, since the leaves will compress down as winter progresses. If you’re in a very cold climate, you could even apply as much as a foot of mulch.


Mulch for Gardens


Composted leaves contain leaf mold, which has healthy levels of calcium and magnesium, and retains moisture, up to 500% of its weight in water. When you add composted leaves to your soil, not only are you encouraging healthy plant growth, but you help young plants stay hydrated and improve soil quality.

Remember that leaves generally increase the acidity of soil, so be sure to test soils in the spring and add lime or other alkaline substances if your pH is not too hospitable to the plants you are planting. If the mulch you’ve used over the winter is comprised of whole leaves, or are not finely shredded, rake them back so the soil will warm.

Finely shredded leaves work their way into the soil and will help the soil absorb more moisture, however, whole and non-shredded leaves can create a layer over soil, and may prevent run-off and moisture from getting absorbed.

If you have an abundance of leaves, you can store some in separate heaps to use later in the growing season as mulch, and will help your soil contain moisture.


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Essential Checklist for Your Fall Home Gardening

Now that the weather has cooled off, you can attack your autumn gardening chores without fear of getting sunstroke. By preparing your landscape now for the next growing season, your chores then will require less time and much less effort. Let’s take a look at where you should focus your efforts this fall season.

1. Clean Up

Rake up the leaves that have fallen on to your lawn and shred them into mulch. Drain any water out of fountains, hoses or irrigation systems. Dig up what’s left of your annuals and compost them. If the summer bulbs grew heartily in your area, you can leave them in the ground. Otherwise remove them and store in peat moss or sand in the garage or another cool place.

Rake Leaves

2. Put Your Grass to Bed

Cut your lawn as short as you can. Then, run the lawn mower until all the gas is gone. Change the oil, lubricate the engine and check the spark plug. Oil the spark plug hole and pull the start cord several times to grease the engine. In the spring, sharpen the blades, add gas and you’re ready to mow. Fertilize your lawn before it goes into hibernation for the winter.

Lawn Mower Maintenance

3. Grow Vegetables

Clean up the dead stalks, weeds, debris and such so pests and diseases can’t take cover in them throughout the winter. Plant some fall crops to keep the fresh produce rotating through your kitchen. Broccoli, spinach, lettuce, cabbage, Brussel sprouts and radishes all survive well in cooler temperatures. In fact, some say they taste better after a few light frosts.

Cabbage In Garden

4. Plant Bulbs

If you want early spring color, first you need to prepare the soil. Dirt with lots of clay in it doesn’t drain well, so add compost or peat moss to the top 12-18 inches. Add bone meal or phosphorous next, which serves as fertilizer for the roots of the bulbs. Then, put daffodils, crocus, iris and hyacinths in the ground. Tulips do better when planted in late fall.

Fall Bulbs

5. Add Color

Winter annuals grow well in climates where the temperature doesn’t fall below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Try planting snapdragons, Chinese pinks, violas, pansies, mums and for greenery, ornamental cabbage and kale.


6. Cover Fragile Plants

Place a sheet or blanket over your less hardy plants when you’re expecting a freeze. Then, place a piece of plastic over the sheet or blanket to provide extra insulation. The next day when the temperature warms up to above freezing, remove the coverings. For shrubs or small trees, create a faux tent using burlap to keep them warm.

Garden Cover

7. Thoroughly Water

Give all your plants and trees a good dowsing of H20 to keep them hydrated throughout the winter. Don’t forget to collect the fall rainwater to recycle in your garden.

Watering Plants

8. Don’t Forget Your Feathered Friends

Although not actually a gardening chore, keeping the feeder full in autumn helps birds get the nourishment they need when food is scarce.

Bird Feeder


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14 Festive Fall Decorating Ideas

What you see, smell and feel right now all points to the changing of the seasons. You don’t even need a calendar. The leaves turning colors, scents of apples and pumpkins and the cool, crisp air all announce the coming of winter. Embrace the transformation by embellishing your home inside and out with the traditional colors and themes of autumn.

We divided fall decorating suggestions into five categories. Whether you turn to expert DIYers, buy what you want already-made or use your own creativity, you, too, can usher fall in with charming décor.


  1. Buy one readymade: Plow and Hearth sells a beautiful indoor classic while Pier 1 Imports offers several varieties made with everything from burlap and flowers to faux magnolia leaves or mixed leaves.
  2. Make your own: Start with a base like driftwood, Styrofoam, floral foam, grapevine or whatever appeals to you. Be sure to measure the area where you plan to hang the wreath so you don’t end up with one that’s too large for the space. Cover the base with burlap or other fabric and add preserved leaves, dyed corn, winterberries, tiny gourds, miniature white pumpkins, feathers in earth tones or whatever you score at a craft store or dollar shop.

DIY Fall Wreath


Porch Décor

  1. Mums the word: Plant Chrysanthemums in real pumpkins. Select pumpkins a little larger than the mum’s container. Then follow these step-by step instructions.
  2. Line the steps: Place different colored gourds and various sizes of pumpkins along your stairs, intermingled with fall potted plants and greenery.
  3. Light the way: The writer of the blog “We R Memory Keepers” shows you how to create fall luminaries.

Fall Front Porch


Table Centerpieces

  1. Paint your pumpkins: Far less messy than carving, use your imagination. With acrylics, draw faces or use painter’s tape to make shapes. Embellish with stickers.
  2. Remember decoupage: This also works for adorning your orange vegetable with images.
  3. Arrange candles: Partially fill clear glass vases with coffee beans or popcorn kernels, then insert candles in fall colors. Or, use autumnal colored votive jars and fill with fall berries and flowers.

Fall Candles


Mantel Arrangements

  1. Create a dried grouping: Place wheat, branches, goldenrod, cattails and ornamental grasses in one large or three small vases. Use gourds and acorns to highlight the array.
  2. Frame fall leaves: Make frames from twigs or buy floating ones. Find the brightest leaves in a variety of colors and you have fall décor to hang above the mantel.
  3. Ring the bell: Arrange pumpkins, fall leaves, small gourds or pinecones on top of a bed of moss inside a bell jar.
  4. Be corny: Wrap votive holders with dried cornhusks and tie with raffia. Adorn the outside with a small leaf or feather.

Autumn Mantel



  1. An apple a day: Display a variety of different colored apples, and other autumnal fruits and gourds, in a clear or decorative bowl or urn.
  2. Hang ornamental corn: Ornamental corn comes in a vast array of colors and makes a beautiful fall décor arrangement.

Fall Fruit Arrangement


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