6 Top Spots for a Second Kitchen Sink

As floor plans have opened up, kitchens have evolved into the main family and entertaining spaces in our homes. With that comes more traffic, and an increased need to use that space wisely.

A great way to make a high-use kitchen work better is to add a second kitchen sink. The trick is finding the right spot — which depends on how your kitchen factors into your lifestyle. Check out our six suggestions for where to put that second kitchen sink, and see what will work for you.

Island/peninsula prep station

One main reason to add a second sink is the convenience of separate prep and cleaning spaces, so adding a sink on the island makes perfect sense. This gives you space to prep without having to fight the dirty dishes that pile up while you prepare your meal.

If you’re working with a peninsula, consider a sink that you can access from either side of the peninsula. This will help address traffic concerns in the kitchen. And pull-down faucets are the efficient — and stylish — choice for those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen.



If you’re working with a smaller space, or don’t have an island, consider a single-bowl kitchen sink in a secondary work space. Make sure you’ve got a little counter space on either side and use this as your prep sink, keeping your main sink for washing and cleanup.

work station

Baking station

Baking is a messy affair. Adding a sink at your baking station allows you to keep the mess in one area, rather than spreading it out all over the kitchen.


Coffee station

As our collective love of coffee grows, so does the amount of equipment and space needed to supply our habit. A second sink allows all things coffee-centric to happen in one place. It can also come in handy after dinner and dessert have been served, the kitchen is piled with dishes and you just need to get the coffee going.


Party station/wet bar

If you entertain a lot, you know better than anyone how people tend to gather in the kitchen. Rather than fight it, consider a wet bar station with a second sink. Keep it separate from the prep and cleaning stations, so you can comfortably get the work done and get the party started without your guests getting in the way.

wet bar

Pot-filling station

Many homeowners like pot-filling faucets on the backsplash behind the cooktop. They’re very handy, and keep you from having to carry — and spill — large pots of water for cooking. Why not install a second sink near the cooktop instead, and simply make sure the faucets and fixtures will also accommodate your large pots?

Source: Zillow Digs

Have any other ideas for clever uses for second sinks? We’d love to hear them!

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