Found On Trulia: Own One Of The World’s Great Buildings For $3.75 Million

Both strikingly beautiful and blended with the surrounding red-orange Sierra Nevada landscape, the Stremmel House commands attention without asking. Inside, the Reno, NV, home for sale contrasts its colorful facade with inviting, livable spaces that welcome the addition of art without feeling untouchable.

When owners Peter and Turkey Stremmel blended the expertise of renowned architects and interior designers with their custom flair and lived-in style, a house was born that publications like Architectural Digest and Architectural Record couldn’t ignore — the home was given distinction as House of the Year by Architectural Record soon after its completion in 1994.

With unique features like an indoor aviary tucked into its 6,515 square feet, it’s no surprise that this home is one of the most talked-about in Nevada. In addition to the bird-loving owners’ touch, unique room functionality extends to the laundry room, which is complete with an indoor-outdoor kennel. With a home this distinct, it’s impossible to focus on one eye-catching detail over another.

Sit back and enjoy the journey by watching this short film, then decide for yourself how hard it is to resist this high-design oasis.

house of the year in Reno, NV

Ask architect Mark Mack if the house is a piece of art, and he’ll rebut the notion by saying that architecture isn’t art itself; great architecture allows art to be seamlessly brought in and out. Still, Mack was determined to play with color to make this home’s palette glow against the desert landscape. Going against the white-or-gray-is-best school of design, he imagined the Stremmel House with contrasting shades of orange as the color of life and energy, earthy red, sunny yellow, green in the same hue as the nearby sage, and purple for the surrounding mountains. And taking inspiration from the natural world, the recipe for the Stremmel House was born.

house of the year in Reno, NV

Beautiful moments are made daily as a result of Mack’s delicate work on the home’s overhead trellis, a dramatic focal point on the exterior. Peter Stremmel speaks about the layering of light patterns as a “pastiche” of light on the wall, slinking over surfaces throughout the day and creating a shadow dance for beautiful visuals and shade-producing functionality. Casting lines across the entryway inside, the trellis shadows are echoed by strips of concrete in the backyard for long, continuous lines.

house of the year in Reno, NV

Part of Mack’s design process was visualizing how the home would act throughout the day — which areas get warm, which spaces stay cool — and he designed the layout to be functional during different seasons. In summer, the backyard is the optimal place to cool off. The lap pool gets the same shadow-and-light-interplay treatment as the interior and is separated from the dining room by glass doors that open to make the interior a breezeway to the backyard.

house of the year in Reno, NV

The home succeeds in its goal as a livable art gallery and welcomes its new owners to fill its spaces with their beloved collections. However, according to listing agent Kathie Bartlett, much of the art was custom-selected for the spaces and will come with the house, including Randy Shiroma’s large stone sculpture by the entry. One of the most remarkable times of day to be inside the house, according to Peter Stremmel, is during sunset. As the sun sets over the mountains and turns them orange, blue, red, and finally deep purple, shadows are cast over the stone sculpture and elongate past the walls. At night, when the full desert moon rises, the in-home gallery is illuminated by the magnificent moonbeams.

house of the year in Reno, NV

Interior designer Terry Hunziker created custom pieces for the Stremmel House, including the dining tables, which can be configured to seat anywhere from six to 22 people. So if you’re pondering the $ 3.75 million asking price, you may be persuaded by the fact that the Stremmels intend to sell the house mostly furnished to maintain the integrity of its original design.

house of the year in Reno, NV

The Stremmels have hosted some of the region’s most celebrated chefs in their cook’s kitchen, which comes impeccably equipped with dual dishwashers, warming drawers, and refrigerators for parties befitting the spectacular house.

house of the year in Reno, NV

The master bedroom’s design is defined by custom built-ins and floor-to-ceiling views of the surrounding mountains and desert. Even after 20 years of living in the home, Peter Stremmel still notices new architectural details surface that he hasn’t seen before. The notion is completely understandable once you look at the intricate detail in the window work and a built-in vanity in the master bedroom.

house of the year in Reno, NV

Adjacent to the master bedroom is a spacious study lined with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves that create a space that feels expansive and intimate at the same time — a recurring feature throughout the house.

house of the year in Reno, NV

Would you call the distinctive, contemporary Stremmel House your own? Check out the listing and image gallery for this home at 339 Anitra Drive, Reno, NV 89511, then tell us which room is your favorite in the comments!

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