Interior Design Trend Report: 3 Looks on the Rise

This time of the year is always exciting for the interior design industry because it brings everyone’s favorite home style symposium: High Point Market. Located in High Point, NC, High Point Market comes alive twice a year for the design world to show off the latest and greatest furnishings, lighting, and details for the upcoming season.

We keep our eyes peeled for trends that transcend home design – those that can be applied to fashion and art and food. At this spring’s High Point Market, we noted a few mega-trends that we’ll implement into our client projects – and our homes, too. Here’s what got our designer minds whirling.

High-performance hues

Inspired by the latest fashion trend known as athleisure, this look features energetic color and pattern pairings, unique silhouettes, and high-quality materials. The athleisure style has become the new norm for everyone from workout junkies and busy moms to college students and anyone running errands over the weekend. The interior design world has taken the look and spun it on its head, giving it an upbeat twist that transcends gender and cultural norms.

Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

One of our favorite aspects of this trend is the lack of boundary when it comes to color. Interior designers should note its vibrancy when adding it to client projects – this trend truly packs a punch!

We loved how New Pacific Direct’s bright orange mid-century chair silhouettes and Worlds Away’s powder blue table lamp embodied this look and showed off its high-intensity color and subtle style all at once.

Feminine finishes

We are all partial to a beautiful brushed nickel finish, but in High Point we saw a few new looks we can’t wait to start using. Rose gold, copper, and cool and warm white finishes took top honors in nearly every showroom we visited. These hues offer a cozier vibe than most metals.


Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

Seen in lighting, furnishings, and accessories, this reimagined trend lends a soft, ethereal tone to any room it’s placed in, and pairs well with luxurious materials like marble or our favorite everyday looks like Lucite and wood.

Look for this trend to pop up as a small detail like the nail heads on an arm chair, or as the main ingredient in overhead pendants or chandeliers.

Our favorite ways to style? Check out Jaipur Living’s lush pillows or Selamat Designs‘ chicly scalloped accent chair.

City living

Urban living takes on a life of its own in one of our favorite trends at High Point this year. Highlighting the rise of small-scale living with upscale design, this look focuses on tech-savvy and wellness-oriented furnishings and accessories – a must-have when occupying a sleek and chic high-rise or apartment in the big city.

This trend takes the modern looks we love (such as elegant dining tables, writing desks, overhead lighting) and shrinks them to meet the needs of those with a little less square footage.

Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

To achieve this look, use colors and materials that will transcend the normal lifespan of trends, like graphic patterns, upcycled materials, and sleek finishes. Refer to Pacific Coast Lighting’s reimagined floor lamp or Regina Andrew Design’s multifunctional side tables for city chic style cues.

As always, High Point Market offered sneak peeks into some of the most noteworthy names in design, but we were so excited to see fresh faces and new trends come our way.


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