5 Clever Ways to Hide Clutter in Your Home

Some of us are that rare breed that’s “always ready” for company… but even if you’re not prepared for unannounced visits, and you’ve got a bunch projects in progress around the house, follow these tips to pick up the clutter and have your place company ready in no time.


Cluttered Home Office


1. Magazines: Have a few picture worthy ones on the coffee table, but put the rest in a pretty box on a bookcase to read later. Tip: if you don’t find yourself reaching for that box in 6 months, you can recycle the contents. Follow the rule of new issue in, old issue out.

2. Books: Edit your bookshelves so that they feel just a little bit empty. Stack books in interesting patterns and accessorize lightly. If you’ve got extra books, put them in a box or basket and relocate to a different part of the house. Tip: Make a list of the books in the box. If you’re not looking for them over the next year, it’s time to donate them.

3. Enlist storage baskets: Everything from your multiple remote controls to out-of-season table linens can be stored in one kind of basket or another. Stacked baskets or vintage suitcases, under a coffee table or in an unused fireplace is a decorator touch. Covered baskets or decorative boxes in the foyer holds mail, and in the bathroom are a decorative place to stow extra toiletries or rolls of toilet paper.

4. Look for furniture that does double duty: If you’re in the market for extra seating or a new coffee or side table, consider furniture that does double duty: a padded storage bench for the entry way, or put a pair together to make a window seat. Same goes for a coffee table with a drawer or baskets below the top, and side tables. All will give you seating and extra surfaces, but you can quickly stow away what’s cramping your style.

5. Cord storage: Cords from TVs, computers, gaming systems and the like seem to tie most people up in knots. You can use something as simple as a paper towel roll to group the cords together, to hooking plastic tags from bread wrappers to the cords and labeling them, to, what many organizers prefer: Clip the cords together with a binder clip, and then hang them on the screws of the back of furniture.


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