5 Tips on How to Hire an Interior Designer

It may seem counter intuitive, but hiring an interior designer to help with your next remodel or room re-haul will actually save you time and money. Not to mention headaches. Why? Because they can not only keep you from making costly mistakes or buying something you won’t use, but also because they have the resources to get you items you can’t find or to find discounts. They know people. And don’t think that you have to hire a designer to see the project from start to finish; they can be as involved as making the purchases to simply helping you formulate a game plan.


Couple Imagining Interior Design


Hiring a designer makes the process much easier, because it’s easy enough to say, “I’m going to decorate my new room!” And it’s a whole other thing to wade through paint swatches, traffic flow, color schemes, fixtures and finishes, cabinetry, carpets and rugs, decor and window treatments and make it all look amazing. We can help you find the right professional for you, and when working with them, keep the following tips in mind.

1. Know What You Like

Designers love working with a blank slate because it frees up their creativity; however, when designing for a client, they’d much rather you come in with some ideas so they can better make your vision come to life. Know how you want to use the space, what isn’t working with your current room, what colors you like, and if there is a particular style you’re interested in. Don’t worry about ironing out the details. That’s what the designer will help you with. But it will help to pull pictures from magazines or create an online mood board to help get you both on the same page.

Couple Looking At Swatches

2. Look at Their Portfolio

If you like classical design, it won’t help to partner with a decorator who specializes in modern decor. When picking out a designer, look at their online portfolio. If you feel like you need to see more of their work, head to their studio—they’ll have more work samples there. It’s also helpful to pay a visit and see how they work with their team. Are they a team player or a bully? If they’re ordering people around, chances are they may try to bully you out of your vision rather than listening to your feedback.

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3. Establish a Budget

Make sure your decorator knows what you’re comfortable with. They can work with anything—no budget is too small, no dream too big. However, knowing your budget will help them manage your expectations and help you to find a realistic, but equally stunning, middle ground. Now is also the time to establish a rough start and finish date, as well as a contract. Most decorators will charge a $ 35–$ 70 hourly amount on top of purchasing service fees and a possible retainer. It may seem like a lot initially, but we promise you’re still saving in the long run. Remember, you can manage their involvement throughout the project depending on your budget.


4. Give Your Opinion

You are the one who has to live in your home once the redecorating dust settles and the new designers are in place. Just because your designer loves a particular rug doesn’t mean you have to feign liking it. Speak up! While you do need to extend them a level of trust in the big picture, it’s their job to make the room of your dreams, and it shouldn’t hurt their feelings if you disagree. Designers also love to hear feedback on what is working and what you love; who doesn’t love a pat on the back?

Interior Designer and Clients

5. Ask Pro.com

Sometimes the hunt is the hardest part, and recommendations from friends will only get you so far. When choosing a pro, trust Pro.com! We’ll help you find a professional that will help create of your dreams.

Contemporary Living Room


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